Stop The Bullcrap

Did that headline get your attention? I hope so because today I am going to hit you all right between the eyes. Here are the facts of life: you are exactly where you are because you chose to be there!!! End of discussion. Your life is as you chose it so stop bitching. Nobody else is responsible for you other than yourself. The fact that things are pathetic are a reflection solely of you and your abilities. I can only presume that you are a pathetic person since that is the result of your life.

Sound too harsh. It isnt. The only way you will succeed in changing is to get hard with yourself. Most of us suffer from the fact that we are way too easy on ourselves. We cut ourselves a break at every opportunity. Excuses work on us all the time and we believe every single one of them. Instead of being an adult and taking responsibility for our lives, we pass the buck by blaming someone else. Hell, you would think that we were all a bunch of politicians the way we pass the burden off to others.

It is time for you to stop the bullcrap and be a man (or woman). Get some kahunas and stand up to yourself. Being a successful adult requires that you take back the power which is within you naturally. Of course, as long as you opt to blame others, they retain the power over you. That makes you very weak.

The reason why I can say all this is because I realize the truth of it in my own life. Everything that occurred (or is occurring) was due to a decision(s) that I made. Nobody ever forced me into anything. I elected to do things of my own free will. Blaming a spouse, employer, or parents is child's play. It is not their fault. The one who created the entire mess that is called my life is me. Nobody else.

I want you to compare the paragraph I just wrote to what you typically hear from the 'victims' of the world. They always have an excuse. Never do they utter the words "I screwed up". Instead it is justification after justification as to why things didnt work out. They do their best to illicit sympathy from all who they interact with. To me, they specialize in the loser mindset. One must first decide to be a loser before it can become reality. Fortunately, the reverse is also true.

Decide today what kind of life you are going to lead. If you are one who wants things different, the first thing you must do is get honest with yourself. You are the reason for all that is wrong in your life. Stop the bullcrap and accept this fact. It is only after then that you can begin to alter things. You must take back the power.

Tomorrow is the first day of the last quarter of the year. It is time to make a major push to finish the year out right. Even if the last 9 months sucked, there is still time to make the necessary changes. Give yourself a 90 day challenge to start doing those things which will change your life. Make the decision tonight to quit conning yourself and move in a different direction. Cease all the blame and excuse making. It is time to grow up. Your life depends upon it.
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