Postive Projecting

Yesterday, I wrote about our tendency to project in the worst way possible. Basically, individuals experience an overwhelming fear because of the fact that we tend to look down the road when confronting a situation and consider the worst thing that can happen. Ultimately, this instills fear in us which prevents us from taking action. We see how things will work out in ways that are detrimental to our hopes. In the end, we are paralyzed from doing anything.

My suggestion in that post was to simply stop projecting. If we go negative whenever we look out into the future, then it is best to stop doing that. This will allow us to focus on the present moment and take the action that is in front of us. Fear cannot exist in this environment since the negative thoughts won't be present. Instead, one will act as opposed to being paralyzed.

Now, I am going to go one step further. We will want to use our projecting mechanism again except there is one caveat that I will include. From now on, whenever you look into the future, see everything working out as you planned. Instead of seeing the worst thing possible occurring, picture the best thing. Imagine yourself achieving everything that you want.

What does this outlook do for us? To start, it allows us to visualize the outcome to a situation without experiencing fear. In fact, we ought to get excited about the prospects we are seeing in our minds. Having circumstances resolved in manners that are favorable to us should always get you juiced. Why picture losing money when you can just as easily see yourself gaining? Picturing her saying yes to a date is more appealing then visualizing a 'no'. As you can see, it takes no more effort to focus positively as opposed to negatively.

One thought that often comes to mind is how does one avoid the 'polyanna' thinking which causes one to lose touch with reality? My answer is that anyone who just is starting to put this exercise into practice will not be affected by polyanna thinking since plenty of negativity will still enter into the picture. Changing one's default mindset takes time. This is the last thing that most people need to worry about.

However, thinking about positive outcomes should not cause one to lose focus on reality. You still need to do proper research. Betting on a longshot horse even though you picture it winning might not be the path to success. Neither is throwing money at the stock market without adequate research or asking a married woman out on a date. One needs to still do his or her due diligence in situations before proceeding. However, once you decide what action to take, picture it working out in your favor.
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