Creative Legacy

We are creative people. This is our natural state. If you doubt this, look at a child. The imagination is active 24 hours a day. This is a being that understands what it means to have "no limits". He or she go as far as the imagination will carry. All possibilities are open.

Adults take a different path. They look at life as a series of limits. "Being responsible" is more important creating. Over the years, this muscle starts to deteriorate until we are left with nothing. Life becomes a listless journey that is endured. Ultimately, all the passion and inspiration exits. Is it any wonder that most are simply enduring the days until "something better comes along"?

Recently, I wrote a post about a person passing decades before is commonly expected. We all know people who left us way too early. However, my question is what legacy did they leave behind? Are there any works that reflect the life that was lived? If she was like most, the answer is there is nothing but memories of those who knew her. Her entire existence now exists in the minds of her loved ones.

The only problem with this is that once those people are gone, her memory will die with them. Consider someone in your family from a couple of generations ago. In my family, my father's father passed before I was born. Naturally, my dad and his siblings have an intimate knowledge of the man he was. Yet, when that generation passes, so does the memory of my grandfather since the next generation never met the man. This is commonplace for most people.

From what I understand, my grandfather was a good man. He lived in an era, the Depression, that caused many to struggle. He was no different. Many jobs were worked to provide for his family. Nevertheless, the creative genius that exists in all of us was not bred. Nothing was left behind.

Contrast this with the artist that was Paul Newman. Millions of fans watched his films over the years. He was a creative genius by Hollywood standards. While most of us never met the man, we all feel we know him through his films and interviews. There is a legacy left behind that will transcend the generations. People will be watching his films for years to come. You need only to look on a site such as IMDB.com to see what his legacy is.

We all have this ability. It is a natural desire to create. Unfortunately, "artists" are not well viewed in most cultures. We prefer the successful as opposed to the eccentric. The traditional "starving artist" is not highly regarded. Realism is favored.

Fortunately, we live in a time where it is easy to create. The computer age made it a lot easier for those with limited abilities to start developing a creative legacy. Anyone can start a blog and express his or her thoughts for anyone to read. Writing is a wonderful way to leave place an everlasting stamp on your life. Once your ideas are out there, they remain forever.

Publishing books is also a piece of cake as compared to years ago. The Internet is full of companies that will allow you to self publish. It costs nothing in many instances until a book is actually ordered. This is a radical departure from the era when the major publishing houses offered the only true route to getting something published. Creative genius is easier to express.

Perhaps you have the eye of a painter but lack the skills of Picasso. Today, people create magical pieces using a mouse as opposed to a paintbrush. Graphic artists are just as creative and leave the same legacy as painters. Their work can endure the passage of time.

The bottom line is there i no reason for you to start building a legacy to your life. What purpose do you serve for being on this planet. Few will remember anything about my grandfather beyond the stories that were told. However, the words that I am writing here, once I publish them on this blog, will remain for as long as the Internet exists. Somewhere a search will be able to uncover them since these words will be imprinted on the Internet DNA. They cannot be erased.

Start designing today. Begin the process of making your life worthwhile. It is up to each of us to leave a creative legacy for all to see. Imagine what it would be like to look back upon your life and see a long listing of works created. That is the ultimate way to fulfillment. Make a recording of your life. You will be happy that you did.
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