Weak or Strong

Do you want to be weak or strong? This is a question few consider although most will answer strong. The truth of the matter is that most actually opt for weak. They make this decision on a daily basis.

Few people are willing to do what is required to be strong. Strength is not something people are born with. Instead, it is something they acquire by putting themselves in situations where they learn and grow. The easiest analogy is the way one develops a physical muscle. Almost all of us are born with the same muscles yet only a minor few actually hone these muscles to peak condition. This is done through hard work in the gym and proper nutrition. Those who are strongest work their muscles out the most. Weak people, in this regard, do not.

We can see how this translates into all aspects of life. Anyone who achieves top physical performance chooses it. Action is then taken that follows this decision. This is the model that we need to apply to life in general. Do we choose to be strong? If so, there is action that follows with this mindset.

Choosing to be strong means that we alter our path. Instead of watching mindless television, strength comes from reading books. Taking a chance by starting one's own business is another way that we grow. Failure is one of life's best teachers. Expanding our horizons by trying new things will certainly lead to failure at times. These are opportunities for growth if we are fortunate enough to encounter them.

All great people met with failure before they succeeded. Abe Lincoln lost elections before winning the Presidency. Warren Buffet has chosen many losing stocks in his time. Edison failed repeatedly in the quest of the electric lightbulb. Yet, all these people chose strength over weakness.

So, once again, do you want to be strong or weak? Before you answer this, make sure that you are willing to take the actions that match this decision. Opting for strength requires behaving in a different manner. Are you willing to follow through with the proper action? Ponder this in reference to the first question. They both go together.
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