The Power of The Mind

Reality is created in the mind. This seems like an absurd statement but it is the truth. Everything we see, hear, touch, smell, and taste is filtered through our brains. There, we have a treasure trove of memories which the new sensations are linked up to. Everything we process is done through this central computer.

The bad news is that whatever we "see" in the mind is real. It cannot distinguish between real or imagined. Instead, it sees everything as concrete. This allows a thing called fear to assume control. When we are living in a state of fear, our projections are imprinted upon our minds as real. Even though the situation that we are thinking about is days or weeks away, the mind reads it as true.

None of us have a crystal ball that can forecast what will happen. Therefore, any projections we are engaging upon are simple creations of the mind. This is a powerful mechanism which creates "reality" by sending the sensations throughout our body. How many of us have felt that pit in our stomach when we thought about something that we needed to do in the future. The brain manifested the thoughts in our mind as a real sensation in the body.

So if the mind can create our reality, why do we allow it to establish a negative view of things? Again, this is where fear enters the picture. Fear is a mighty foe that has a way of showing itself in many different forms. At times is dresses up as anger; others as terror; still others as uncertainty; the list goes on and on. In short, we look at a future situation, fear in one form or another, and we suddenly have a negative outlook upon the future event.

Of course, the problem with this approach is that it ruins our present moments. The truth is that there are always things we need to tend to in the future. If we spend all our time focusing upon "what will happen" with a negative viewpoint, we completely miss our lives. Always looking ahead causes us to miss right now. Certainly everyone can identify with thinking about something in the future and completely miss what is being said to you. Our mind wanders off and takes us from "the now".

So what do we do about creating a new reality? The first step is to recognize what is happening. The mind likes to play games with us. Accept this as a reality. Also, consider all the things that you have feared in your life and then question how many of them came true. Sure, we all had bad things happen to us and events turn negative on us. But the consensus seems to be that most of us allow fear to go to the worst case scenario. The reality is that most of what we imagine does not come true. So the best method is to stop doing that to ourselves.

Of course, this is not easy. A lifetime of habits do not cease overnight. However, when one considers the misery that is created by allowing fear in its many forms to control, then one is instantly motivated to take control of this powerful instrument. Projections are real in the mind. Thus, it is our goal to look at each situation as resolving itself in our favor. Next time you project about some future event, imagine what it will be like if everything went exactly how you wanted it. I know at first this will seem almost impossible since we are conditioned to look at everything negatively. But, the reality is that we have no way of knowing how things will turn out. Since our mind is doing the creating, why not erect a positive outcome in our minds.

Our minds like to play tricks on us. You are free to use it however you see fit if you are willing to take control of it. However, since most go with the default negativity, they are at the mercy of this out of control mechanism. Begin today by looking at things in a positive light. It will change your present reality.
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