Hold Onto Your Dreams

Why do people get bored? What is it that makes them feel that there is no hope? Many feel that life is really mundane. To tell you the truth, when each day is the same as the previous, life can be mundane. There needs to be something more that we all embrace.

Dreaming is something that is natural for us as human beings. As children, we have an overactive imagination. There is nothing that we cannot conceive in our minds. It is a limitless exercise which knows no boundaries. At that age, we are not conditioned to understand how to implement limits. To us, all is possible.

Contrast this with adults. As we mature, we learn to be "realistic". We are taught to assume responsibility and do those things that responsible people do. "Get a job and provide for your family" is the mantra. Dreamers are ridiculed as being unrealistic. In short, our childhood dreams are flushed out of us.

This is something that happens to most of society. It is no wonder that most are unhappy. Their lives are nothing more than a series of compromises of their dreams. Everything that came so naturally as a child is discarded in an effort to be mature. We learn to be realistic in our choices. This means letting go of our dreams.

Fortunately, there is a certain percentage of the population that doesnt subscribe to this mantra. These are the people who are the creators in our world. They hold onto their dreams as a lifeline. Nothing will deter them from what they imagine in their minds. Success is something that they go after in all instances. Life is invigorating since each day is spent in the pursuit of what is truly wanted. Everything is a stepping stone to something larger.

If you are to be truly moved in your life, you need to hold onto your dreams. Resist the temptation to be "mature" by discounting those ingrained desires that you have. There is absolutely no reason why you should settle for anything less that what you truly want. Society teaches us we cannot have it all. That is simply a form of conditioning. You can have it all if you are willing to dream big enough.

"Smallness" is an epidemic in our culture. Most suffer from small thinking. The ability to dream is completely out of practice. Instead, they trudge through each day hoping something different will arise. In the end, nothing ever does. Success in life is only available to those who are willing to go after it. Conforming to society's whims is a guaranteed way to achieve mediocrity. True success comes from living your dreams.

Hold onto them for dear life. They are your lifeline to happiness.
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