Lazy Minded

There is nothing worse than one who is lazy minded. We see so many who refuse to learn anything past their school years. They believe that education stops with a diploma. Sadly, these are the ones who tend to occupy the lower rungs of society. A simple fact is that there are many people who are mentally unprepared to excel in the new economy. To many are stuck in the 1950s mindset where one had a job for life. As we all know, this is not something that anyone can bank on anymore.

The 'new economy' is one that moves at a lightening pace. Technology changed how we interact with each other and it is an arena that moves rapidly. What is revolutionary today is often obsolete in a couple of years. Therefore, people need the ability to learn quickly since things change so radically. Failure to do so means that many are left behind.

Lazy mindedness is a disease. It is something that one opts for yet is just as fatal as cancer. It kills all progress and motivation. Those who spend countless hours in front of the television on mind numbing programs cease to learn. Instead, they allow the years to go by without any improvement. In life, there is no standing still. One is either moving forward or backwards. Those who refuse to learn and grow find themselves retreating by the simple fact that society advances.

Perhaps it is the aging process but it seems that I encounter more people today who really have no clue what is going on. It seems to me as if they are walking zombies. Their mental makeup reminds me of someone who is in a daze. I watch them listlessly go about their day with no excitement or signs of life. This is something that I attribute to being lazy minded.

The fact is that reading allows one's imagination to grow. Our world is in desperate need of dreamers. These are the people who create solutions to the major problems that we have. Edison, Einstein, the Wright Brothers, etc... They were the ones who thought bigger while adding a big of sci-fi to our reality. People who watch endless television do not enjoy that ability. Instead, they become mindless boobs sitting like a bump on a log. Their mental faculties shut down.

Success is not a result of being lazy minded. As mentioned, the world needs innovators. We all need to regularly exercise our mind by learning. This means picking up a book and reading. Or you can try your hand at a new hobby which requires learning an entire set of skills. Whatever the method of learning, we all need to put ourselves into situations where we have the opportunity to grow. This is the only way to prevent the disease of a lazy mind.
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