Big Thinking

Over the last few weeks, I stressed the importance of one's thinking. All success is first created in the mind. Between our ears is the greatest computer ever invented. It has the power to create whatever life we desire. However, to do that, we must first learn how to utilize it.

Our minds are limitless mechanisms. Children realize this fact because they implement its capabilities on a daily basis. Watch children playing and you will realize how they are not limited by the time/space paradigm. They easily transcend from one moment to the next; from one age to the next.

Adults do not seem to operate in this realm. Instead, we adhere to the laws erected of limits and boundaries. Over the years, we find that our thinking becomes smaller and smaller. Society teaches us to be realistic in all that we do. Sadly, great achievements are not ground in realism. People who are able to create magical results first do so in their minds. They are people who are refuse to limit themselves mentally.

Probably the greatest of these people was Albert Einstein. He is the epitome of grand thinking. There was nothing that he encountered which he mentally deemed impossible. All ideas were open. His lack of limitations enabled him to have many breakthroughs.

How much would your life differ if you were able to implement a similar mindset? I surmise that you would instantly change your outlook upon things. There is so much more that is possible in your life if you will simply believe it. I find that most sabotage themselves before they start. This is something that you need to resist.

Becoming a "big thinker" is a challenge. Years of limitation takes its toll on our mental computer. One of the first things that we need to do is to start stretching the capabilities of our mind. Dreaming is the method that we do this. It is time for you to awaken that inner child and tap back into those dreams of your youth.

Expanding your thinking is a scary proposition for most. Fear is a constant ally for so many of us that it is bound to enter into this realm also. Most of us are conditioned to play things safe. However, life by its very essence entails risk. Getting out of bed in the morning is a risky proposition for some. There are no guarantees other than the fact that we all get 24 hours to invest as we see fit. How we opt to spend this time is a direct reflection of how we think about things. Limited thinking equals limited results.

If you want to improve your life, expand your thinking. Do not place limits upon anything. All is possible if you are willing to engage in it. Approach every situation like Albert Einstein with all possibilities on the table. The only limits to what you achieve are the ones you set down for yourself.
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