The Power Of Momentum

Momentum is one of the most powerful tools in creating success. Those who are able to harness this technique and apply it find that success is a foregone conclusion. Those who do not tend to struggle in all they do.

Physics tells us that it takes less energy to keep an object moving than it does to get one started. The power of momentum aids in the moving of the object. At the same time, the faster the object is going, the more energy that is required to stop it. These are fundamental principles in the field of science.

In our lives, success adheres to the same ideas. It is easier to achieve success once you start. Minor victories always lead to larger ones. At the same time, the toughest action to take is the first one. After that, things become easier since momentum is on your side. That is why taking the initial action is so important.

Have you ever noticed a sports team on a winning steak? It seems that each victory is almost effortless. Everything is clicking in a positive way. The team has momentum which makes maintaining the same effort easier. Contrast that with a team on a losing streak. One thinks they will never win again simply by the body language of the individual players. They have no momentum.

In life, it is easier to keep going once started. I am certain you found yourself trying to accomplish something and going through the start-stop-start-stop routine. Nothing is more frustrating. Any momentum that is acquired is quickly destroyed by this process. Without momentum, success is almost impossible.

How can we apply this knowledge to our life? The easiest way is to get started with something. A month ago, we wrote out 3 goals we wanted to achieve in this calendar year. After that, we set down a series of steps which would lead to that outcome. This technique creates a plan for one to develop the momentum required. With each action (success), you will create the energy that helps carry you forward. The key is to get started moving in the direction that you want to go in.

Remember, it is easier to keep something in motion once it is started.
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