"The road to someday leads to the town called nowhere" -Anthony Robbins

What are you waiting for? The other day we wrote about how the Mayan calendar is telling us that really bad things are going to happen in the year 2012. (read here) Now, we acknowledge that the end of the world in the next few years is far-fetched (or is it?), it gives us a wonderful opportunity to implement a "drop-dead" date for our lives. We can use this mindset to achieve all that we desire in the time we have left.

The problem with life is that we never know when it is going to end. All us of face death. That is the eventual outcome of all that lives. We understand that we have only a limited time on this planet. The average life expectancy is roughly 75-80 years. Nevertheless, some people live longer while others die sooner. In that regard, death is a great uncertainty.

Typically, we perform better when there is pressure on us. Most are able to rise to the occasion when a situation warrants it. Having a "deadline" gives us that needed motivation to do what is important in our lives. Unfortunately, this does not exist for most people. We simply do not know when the end will come.

There was a popular movie a couple of years ago called "The Bucket List". The premise was that two cancer stricken men were going to accomplish everything the wrote on a list before they "kicked the bucket". It was a wonderful concept which ought to make many people think.

So here is the question: what are you going to do with the time remaining in your life? Suppose the Mayans are correct and life will cease to exist on 12/21/12? How would that change what you will do between now and that date? Would you live your life in the same way? Are there priorities you would attend to that you presently put further down on the list? What do you want to experience before you "check out"?

Living without a deadline enables us to buy into the concept of someday. People feel they will always get around to it someday. Sadly, for most, this time never arrives. They effectively put off all their dreams and desires for something or someone else. In the end, they realize they failed to live.

The time to get started is today. Begin to create the list for yourself of all that you want to experience before the final ending. Your life has an expiration date. Use the time you have left fruitfully.

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