The time to get started is NOW!!!

Okay I got over my sulking. I just got done watching my beloved Giants play like total amateurs and get thoroughly beat by the Philadelphia Eagles. It was disheartening to see it all end like it did. Yesterday, the Carolina Panthers played the same type of game, thus letting their fans down. Regardless, now the off season begins for both those teams.

A week ago I wrote about having the mindset of an "off season". (read article here) Professional sports has a downtime when games are not played. This time is used by teams to make changes in preparation for the next year. Sadly, in life, we do not get an off season. Instead, we live in a way where one week blends into the next. There is little time to catch up, let alone, plan ahead. We tried to give you a clear plan during the Christmas holiday to make this year different. Unfortunately, for many, that is the best they can do.

We are now in the process of utilizing the off season mindset. For those who took the suggestion in the above mentioned article, you are now preparing for kickoff in the fall. The time between now and then is going to be used to radically alter your life. While we acknowledge that it is impossible to "shut life off", we are going to spend the time necessary to create a life that we desire. Just like an athlete trains during the off season, we are going to work on our skills until our "kickoff".

Again, the time to do that is now. For me, my "off season" started an hour ago. While I mentioned this over a week ago, I failed to heed the advice since my team was still playing. Now, I have no excuses. The countdown to opening day is on. I have little time to waste.

Does this seem hokey to you? How can a simple change in mindset alter the results we achieve? This technique works because it creates a destination. Too often, we live life without any "end dates". Life is an endless cycle. One week blends right into the next. It is as if we are always on the treadmill, never getting anywhere. Our off season gives us the time to dedicate ourselves to creating a life that we want. In doing so, we are acquiring the skills necessary to have a better "next season".

So, my beloved Giants are going to start making the changes to try to get back to the Super Bowl in 2010. They have roughly 54 weeks before that time hits. Management will start to appraise each member of the team to determine roster changes that will be made. Opening day is a little more than 7 months away. It will be here before they know it.
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