People love to play the victim. This absolves them of any personal responsibility. It also provides for an excuse as to why one did not succeed. After all, it was because of (fill in the blank).

Being a victim is a way to ensure you will never be successful. Always reaching for an alibi becomes a habit that will eventually stifle action. Take a look at the most successful people and tell me how many claim victimization. You will find this is not a common trait among this group of people.

Take Oprah Winfrey as an example. On the surface she had everything going against her. She was black and raised in the South during the Civil Rights era. Not exactly a head start on the path to success. Add in the fact that she got pregnant as a teen and you can see how she was heading down the path that millions travel.

Yet, Oprah did not go in that direction. Instead, she became one of the most powerful people in the country. She affects the lives of millions of people everyday with her words. This from someone who had the cards stacked against her.

Unfortunately, Oprah is in the minority. Most use the unenviable circumstances to hold them back. They play the "if only" game. You know that one. If only I was white. If only I went to a better school. If only I was born into a different family. If only my mom loved me. The list can continue forever. The "if only" game is played by those who choose failure over success.

The simple fact is that everyone has circumstances to overcome. There is not a person in the world who did not have challenges somewhere along the way. This is a fact of life. No single individual is exempt from those difficult times. It is how we respond to them that makes the difference.

Whatever your background is, it does not matter. Those who choose to hold onto the past are destined to waste the present. Your life is what you make of it regardless of how you were raised. The events of the past are just that, in the past. It is time to take control today.

Being a victim is the standard practice in our society today. Anyone who watches politics at all sees how this comes into play. There are many "groups" out there who feel they were victimized. While this may be true, living life today according to that mindset is a plan for failure. Just look at the segments of the population who engage in that. They are the ones who seem to be falling further behind. Resist the temptation to join in this suicidal tendency.

One final thought about this: you tell someone who is involved in victimization by the fact they like to play the "blame" game. Personal responsibility says that "I am responsible for what occurs in my life". Adopt this motto and see how your actions are affected.
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