Much is written about this subject. Those who are consistently motivated to reach a particular end are the ones who succeed in life. Individuals who live in a state of demotivation do not seem to accomplish a whole lot. I believe this is a well known fact.

Many seek insight as to how to motivate themselves. People buy cds, attend seminars, and read books in an effort to help their cause. This is an excellent way to increase knowledge while producing the results you desire. However, often we find that some of the techniques offered fail to generate the necessary motivation long term. It works for a short period of time yet the "excitement" wears off.

As we enter into the year, we are going to provide the insight into what you need for your success. Motivation is something that we are going to foster consistently. Nevertheless, instead of using some worthless concepts to "pump you up", we are going to reveal the inner cause which will push you. There is something that is present in all of us and finding out to encourage that trait is what will propel us to the next level.

The quality that I am referring to is competition. This is something that resides within everyone since we all were blessed with the human ego. Of course, this will vary from person-to-person. Some individuals are so competitive they need to win at everything. This is usually a sign of immaturity. A healthy competitive spirit is one which will motivate you to do all you can in an effort to achieve the desired results.

What is competition? When you think about it, competition is nothing more than a measuring stick. For it to be present, we need to compare ourselves to something (or someone) else. In sports, the competition is the opposing team. In business, it is another company or employee. Every facet of life has a competitive nature to it. Even in dating there are often times when two people are after the same person. This creates a competitive atmosphere where one tries to outdo the other.

When people seek motivation from a book or a seminar the result is usually that it dwindles a few days later. This is because one sought outside themselves. Motivation is something that needs to come from within. It is present, you just need to uncover it. And, competition is the key to unlocking it.

Today, I want you to think about was you can get your competitive juices flowing. In the next post, I will spell out some ways to determine what is the best way to motivate yourself. However, for now, consider what is it that really drives you. Where are those forces which will enable you to persevere regardless of what obstacles you face? Contained in this answer is the power to rapidly alter our lives.
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