No Fear

How differently would your life be if fear did not exist? Or better yet, have you ever seen those people who were not scared of anything? They seem willing to try anything. There is not a person who they would not go and talk to. Everything appears to come easy to them. They are always surrounded by a group of people. My, how we look at them with envy.

The question is "are they really any different from you?". In most ways, no. However, there is one facet that separates them from you: fear makes your decisions. That is it. You continually give in to the fear while others walk though it.

For the most part, fear is a figment of your imagination. There are those situations where it is an ally where one is physically in danger. Nevertheless, few of us face life or death circumstances on a daily basis. In reality, fear is a creation of our mind meant to avoid change. The mind abhors uncertainty. If it can maintain the status quo, that provides a level of certainty. Taking action means there is a degree of uncertainty over the results that will be gotten. This is what the minds seeks to avoid.

Think of the things that you fear. What needs to happen for you to be scared? To start, you must project. What this means is that your mind looks to a point in the future. In addition, the mind will also look at the future point in time in the negative context. Whatever the decision that you are faced with is, the mind "sees" you failing. This causes the anxiety associated with fear. Hence, we fail to take the action.

Let us use skydiving as an example. When you think of engaging in this activity, what scares you about it? Most likely the idea of hitting the ground from a great height when the parachute fails to open is high on the list. Yet, of all the people who go skydiving, how many does this happen to? Very few. The idea that you will die by skydiving is unrealistic. Your chances statistically are better of meeting your demise in an auto accident. Nevertheless, more people drive than jump out of airplanes.

Do you see how fear precludes us from taking action. Our projection over a situation is always negative. Rarely do we picture the situation happening to the positive. Let us use the example of asking someone out. How often do we see one fail to approach another because of the fear of being rejected? For this to happen, what occurred in the person's mind? Simply, he "saw" himself asking her out and her rejecting him. Never does it enter into his mind that she might say yes to his offer.

This is a fundamental part of the thought process. Gaining control over this single trait will instantly change your life. Fear is a terrible ruler and that is what it does, controls your life. Begin to be one who lives without fear. How do you do this? Start by acknowledging that it does not exist anywhere but in your mind. Also, understand most of what you fear is an illusion. It is impossible to know how a situation will turn out. Finally, when projecting, think of how everything will work to your advantage. See yourself succeeding in that particular circumstance and you will. It is the basis for all manifestation.

Become one of those who lives without fear. It is the foundation for living in freedom.
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