5 Tips For A Clean Desk

Are you one who is continually affected by clutter? Do you lose the "paperwork" war on a regular basis? If so, here are 5 simple tips you can use to get that desk clean.

1. Remove everything that is not needed

Many people have dirty dishes, empty glasses, and other items which are no longer needed. Clean up all the "junk" that is piling up. Throw out old magazines, notes, and other items that can be termed "clutter".

2. Have a filing system

Have a file for everything. This helps to reduce clutter. Instead of saving magazines, rip out the important articles and file them under "articles". Do the same for bills, notes, and all other information.

3. Get rid of other people's clutter

Often other people put their junk on our desks. Delegate those issues to the proper people. If there is something that needs your attention, do it and return it to the person. Do not allow procrastination to clutter up your desk.

4. Make use of technology

We can now easily scan electronic documents. Establish an electronic filing system. Also, make use of electronic calendars and note taking programs. Electronic documents make for less clutter.

5. Have a system

The "only handle a piece of paper one time" is an effective system. Utilize an inbox for items that need your attention. Also, put up an outbox for the items that are already handled. Always do something with a piece of paper; either file it, throw it away, or move it forward to someone else.

These suggestions will help you gain control of your paperwork. The magical side benefit to this is that you will gain valuable time previously spent on trying to find misplaced items. When information is at your fingertips, you are much more effective. Try this today.
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