Develop a sense of urgency

Yesterday, I wrote about the "need for speed". The idea is for us to start utilizing our time in a more effective way. We typically waste too much time dilly-dallying around. The most successful seem to have tamed this tendency while focusing their attention on the most important details.

Today, I want to mention the concept of approaching life with a sense of urgency. Most fail to realize how precious this thing called time is. That is because we think we have a lot of it left. The truth of the matter is that we have no idea how long we are going to live. Also, everyday brings us one step closer to the ultimate outcome: our departure.

Why do I write this? My intention is not to sadden or depress you. The point that I am making is that there is no time to waste if you are going to live life the way that you desire. Many people put off doing those things that make them happy. They allow fear to make decisions which prevent them from taking risks. Their motto becomes "someday". In effect, they put off their dreams.

We can see this in how people usually approach their day. The average person is nonchalant about how he or she handles the activities of the day. Many feel it is alright to put things off. Procrastination is one of the most common ailments among our society. We fall under the misconception that there is plenty of time for us to do things. This simply is not the truth.

What would happen if you were suddenly diagnosed with an ailment which would kill you? How would your priorities change? Would you approach your days differently? I am certain you would. Suddenly, there would be an urgency to everything you did. The goal would be to pack as much as you could into a limited period of time. Well, I am here to tell you that you are now suffering from a fatal illness which will kill you. This malady is called life and it is incurable. The end result is death.

Therefore, it is time that we started to make use of every second that we have left. Remember, death is just around the corner. You only have a little time left. As we age, time accelerates. Ask anyone in his or her 60s how quickly 10 or 20 years pass. The answer is usually something like "in the blink of an eye".

Develop a sense of urgency in your life. Make your motions fast and hard. Do everything with the vigor as if you are on your last legs. Squeeze all that you can into the time that you have left. The clock is ticking for all of us.
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