Success Is In Your Limitations

Limits are something that we all deal with. Because of restrictions placed upon us, we are all limited in the choices that we have. As we grow and expand, our options tend to increase proportionally. One easy way to change your life is to overcome the limitations which are presently holding you back.

Freedom is something that I hold as one of my highest values. I believe that for one to fully be in control of his or her life, this has to be something that one strives for. Freedom has many different levels to it and it starts with the inherent right to pursue those objectives which will make you happy. This can include career, family, relationships, and hobbies. Unlike many parts of the world, we have the freedom to choose most aspects of our life. Sadly, few actually exercise this choice.

The greatest limitation that exists is the ones that we put upon ourselves. People's favorite saying appears to be "I can't". They hold grand ideas yet are stopped by the "I can'ts" in their minds. It reminds me of the old prayer "God, please release me from the bondage of self". This is a tall order for everyone.

Success starts in our minds. It is our mindset that begins the path to achievement. Without a top-notch outlook, we are apt to believe the lies we tell ourselves. The bondage of self can take over at any moment.

We live in a reality that includes time and space. There are physical constraints that are impossible to overcome. For example, it is physically impossible for me to be in two different cities are one time. Nevertheless, that limitation is overcome through the use of technology. Thus, I can have my image transmitted to as many different locations as I want. My success is determined by how well I overcome this limitation.

There is always something that we can do to expand the choices we have. Another example is the physical health of an individual. Suppose we take a person who is 150 pounds overweight. What are some of the ailments of that individual? Perhaps shortness of breath, fatigue, lack of stamina, etc... Now, consider how that affects his/her relationship with children. Obviously, the interaction is limited by the physical shortcomings.

Taking this a bit further, how do you think the situation would change if that person lost the 150 pounds? Naturally, the interaction (relationship) with his/her children would be different. Without the fatigue and shortness of breath, that person could play a game of tag or go for walks with them. The increase in energy would allow for more interaction.

As you can see, the overcoming of this physical limitation opened other avenues for this person. The same is true for your life. Whenever we overcome something that limits us, we experience the freedom of being able to do more.

So, what is presently limiting you? In other words, what is keeping you from your success? Get the answers to these questions and you will have a list of things that need your attention. It is that basic. There is nothing that cannot be gained by overcoming the limiting factor which is holding you back.

Find the limitation and you will find your success.
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