It Is Not Fair

"It Is Not Fair!!!"

This is a line that every parent heard on numerous occasions. It is a sign of childishness and immaturity to utter these words. A child is perplexed that the older brother gets to stay up 30 minutes longer. "It is not fair that I have to go to bed now when Johnny gets to stay up later". And most parents respond with something like "well, that's life".

However, how many times do we heard adults mention the same mantra. We promote the "it's not fair" mindset in all we do. At work., we feel it unjust when someone else makes more money than we do. It is an outrage that our buddy gets all the women and we pick up the leftovers. When our neighbor has a nicer car we are envious at his "luck". All these ideas convey the same message about the inequality of life.

And that is the main message of this post. Life is based upon inequality. Those who understand it can thrive. The ones who insist on having things equal are doomed to mediocrity. Inequality is a part of the natural world and that is where man exists. To deny that we are part of the Animal Kingdom is the basis for all hypnosis. Religions and psychology has spent centuries convincing of us our "higher selves". The truth is that we are subject to the same laws of nature as every other living being.

There is inequality in everything we do. We are not all created equal. Some people are simply better athletes. Carl Lewis, as an example, possessed incredible natural talent that he developed over the years. Few are blessed with his ability to run and jump. The same is true for Michael Jordan. His skills were honed but there was a natural ability that was basically unrivaled.

On the intelligence end, Einstein is universally agreed to be a genius. He embarked on an intellectual campaign that lasted most of his life and resulted in some of the greatest innovations in the history of man. Most of the 6 billion+ people walking the planet lack his intelligence.

Now, we are confronted with the situation of asking ourselves whether it is fair for these people to have so much ability when we have far less. The answer is "of course it is". Life is not meant to be an exercise in fairness. Instead, it is where one takes what he or she has and makes the most of it. That is the ultimate test. What did you do in the process with what you were given? Trying to get what others have will lead to failure. You need to forge your own path.

Accept the inequality that is life. This is a major step in unleashing your power. There are many who will make more money than you. Guess what...they deserve it. Those people will get promotions at work or open up successful businesses. They will capture the mate that they desire while you might flounder. Along the way, you will encounter some who are not deserving but still receive. Get over it. Life is not fair; never was and never will be. Playing the fairness card is a victim's mentality and one that should only be reserved for losers.

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