Half Assing It

I am going to explore a concept that many people tend to specialize in. "Half assing it' is an approach to life that the majority of people have. We see this in their personal lives and in the workplace. Ultimately, this is nothing more than a mindset which leads to lifelong failure.

Recently, there was an example of the outlook that one can have. I have a cat that brought in a bird. Of course, by the time the cat was done with it, there were a few feathers around. So, the natural thing is to clean them up. At the moment I have a houseguest who is the topic of many of my posts. Sadly, for her, she isnt providing information on how to succeed. This is an example of her overall life outlook.

Let me ask you, what do you think happened to the feathers? In short, she did clean up the bird and some of the feathers. Notice the word 'some'. She made the effort to do part of the task. In other words, she did a half ass job. When I surveyed the spot there were still a lot of feathers there. Her approach reflected the way she did everything. She is the epitome of being a 'half asser'.

Why wont people take the time to do things right? I am a believer that most of success is achieved by going that little extra. In a horse race, one only needs to be a nose better to win the top prize. The same is true in life. Those who are willing to do the little extra will separate themselves from the masses. Most people do only the basics. The successful are willing to do whatever it takes to complete the job. It is easy to be a 'starter' but the world pays dearly for people who can finish the job.

Are you one who takes a 'half ass' approach to life? If you are, it might be time to look at all the tasks that you only put forth minimal effort on. Success comes from doing things properly. This is made easier if you have a reputation for 'getting things done'. Someone with a halfass approach to life never attain this. Instead, they opt to concentrate on 'just getting by'.

If you ever want to move forward, it is best to follow through on things until completion. Concentrate all your efforts on the present activity until it is done. Realize by doing this that you are developing a habit that will net much bigger results in the future.
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