This is something that has become a national pastime for many. It seems as if everyone has built in alibis as to why things do not progress as they want in their lives. If you ask most people why they do not live the life they want, they will present you with a litany of excuses. Placing blame is something that most are adept at.

I just finished reading "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. If you have not read this book, I highly suggest it. This is one of the classic personal development texts and one that could change your life simply by adhering to what is contained in there.

Hill dedicates a portion of an entire chapter to the creation of alibis. In fact, he lists 50 that people commonly use. It is amazing to read through the list and see how many I hear on a regular basis. People are 'alibi machines'. They can present a reason for anything that puts the responsibility upon someone else.

The successful do not do this. "Think and Grow Rich" is the result of decades of study of the most successful people in this country at that time. The wealthy approach life differently then everyone else. And, that difference is in how they think about things. Making excuses is the opposite of taking personal responsibility. Those who are successful know how important it is to remain in control.

Did you ever think about the consequences of presently alibis? Do you realize that making excuses reduces your power to nothing? I bet you never thought of this concept but, if you reflect upon it, you will understand how accurate it is.

When I place the blame for a situation on someone else, I am deferring my ability to change the situation. In essence, for change to occur, that person must change. This puts me in a position where I lack the power. Whenever someone else is responsible I am powerless. Consider the situation with a young child. The adult has all the responsibility, thus he or she wields the power. It isnt until this being starts to age that the power structure changes.

Those who exhibit personal responsibility in each situation are the ones who maintain the power. And, this is an easy thing to achieve since most are willing to give it away. When one owns up for all that is transpiring, then that person only need to fix him or herself. The power to change oneself is always available while the power to change another never exists. Resisting the temptation to blame is seeded at the core of this behavior.

Take the time to look at those situations where you present an alibi. Why wasnt something completed as you intended? What is your default answer? Do you automatically go into the 'blame mode' to save face and make yourself look better? Many do this and are quite successful in the short-term. However, this soon becomes a habit which is a detriment to one's personal growth. Success doesnt coordinate with alibis. Success is the result of effort which produces results that are either desired or an opportunity to learn. Presenting alibis is nowhere in the equation.

Remember this tidbit the next time you find yourself making excuses.
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