What Actions Do You Need To Take?

What are you going to accomplish this week? This is a question which most people have no idea how to answer. The reason is they fail to sit down and write out the actions which need to be taken. Simply put, they fail to plan.

I am a big fan of having a written list of actions that I am going to take. My belief is that people who operate off a list are much more effective. It is a trait that is followed by the most successful people. This allows them to accomplish things while others are wasting time. If there is one single action that separates the achievers from those who do not, it is this.

To create a list of this nature requires thought. This is one of the primary benefits of this habit. Regularly thinking about how you are going to spend you time will increase your productivity substantially. It allows one to focus his/her attention on those activities which are most important. If one has a series of long term goals written down, this behavior helps in the establishment of steps to achieve the desired results.

Failure to plan will lead to failure. This is one of the most basic components for success. To do this successfully, we must take our planning to the smallest time period possible. The reason is that, while we can plan for a year, we live only one day at a time. It is impossible to operate any other way. One who has a set of 1 year goals but fails to break them down further finds that time "slips by". Suddenly, the New Year is upon us without anything substantial accomplished.

Now, I get back to my initial question: what are you going to accomplish this week? I want you to get into the habit of asking yourself this question every Sunday night. This requires effort on your part. However, you will quickly realize that having a "to do" list for the week makes life a lot easier. You are able to see all that requires your attention. After that, you simply write in the specific day you will perform that action. String enough of these plans together and you will achieve any goal that you desire.
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