The Easiest Way To Be A Star

There is one characteristic which will separate you from all of your peers. It is also the one trait that will help all your goals materialize. Those who focus their attention on this attain some of the greatest degrees of success. It is the one quality which will always keep you employed and that is CONSISTENCY.

People overlook the value of this simple concept. Yet, it is the one thing that all in positions of power seek in their people. You can choose any walk of life and you will see how the consistent are handsomely rewarded.

The field of sales is one where many managers seek out the "superstar" salesperson. However, these are not the successful managers. "Superstars" tend to be flaky in their production. They have the capability to deliver stellar months only to be followed up with nothing. A successful sales manager knows the key is getting people to deliver consistent numbers, even if they are not the top producers. Consistency allows for better planing, more consistent cash flow, and a steady flow of inventory.

Sports is another area where consistency is rewarded. Baseball teams love pitchers who can throw a shutout with 15 strikeouts. However, if that person consistently follows up that performance with two lackluster outings, a team is harmed. Again, managers prefer to know what they will get out of their pitcher.

A Dr. Jekyll, Mr Hyde approach to life creates a lack of confidence when dealing with others. By the same token, when your efforts are inconsistent, the internal self doubt creeps in. The remedy to this is for you to focus upon consistent action everyday.

The other day I wrote about doing something daily until it becomes a habit. Habitual actions create consistent outcomes. This allows for a smooth pursuit of all your goals. We started with three items that you want to achieve in the next year. Then, through the process of breaking the goal down, we arrived at daily activities we can take that move us closer to the goals. Consistently doing something day-after-day will create the habits necessary for success.

Follow this simple plan and you will see many of your goals arrived at by March 1st.
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