Be the "Go To Guy"

This is a phrase that we hear thrown about quite often but how many times have you really considered its implication? Most of us scarcely give it a second thought. It is as if we hear it in passing. However, contained in this simple phrase is the mindset which will make you successful beyond comprehension. Anything that you desire in life can be yours.

The world rewards people who step up. We all like to have that person who will fill the void whenever a crisis arises. In any walk of life, there are only a certain amount of people who can fill this role. To do so effectively takes guts, self-confidence, and inner strength. Yet, those who do recieve the greatest rewards.

Sports is a fascinating genre to watch since they provide impactful examples which are truly a microcosm of life. Let us take the NBA as an example. Here is a group of people who are the best basketball players in the world. Everyone in the league is one of only 500 (give or take) who can perform at this level. Nevertheless, as good as these men are, only a couple ever get the reputation as the "go to man". Michael Jordan is one who comes to mind. He was arguably the best player ever to lace up the sneakers. However, what makes his greatness even more magical is that he was the one who wanted the ball at the end of the game. His excellence came out when the pressure was the greatest.

The same is true for baseball players. There are some pitchers who want the ball with everything on the live. At the same time, there are those who cower from that opportunity. Their fear of failure is the driving force of their decision. Does this happen in your life? Is fear the one who makes the decision for you?

Being the "Go To Guy" is all about mindset. Having the desire to excel in pressure situations begins with the belief that you will succees. Those who shy away at these times are those who focus on the possibility of failing. If this is how you approached your life, it is time to change that. Instread, focus on how you will succeed under these conditions. Do you think Michael Jordan thought about missing the shot. I am certain that thought never crossed his mind. His entire focus was on putting the ball in the hoop.

Mental toughness is one of the leading characterisitics of the successful. Develop this trait within yourself. Start the process by considering yourself a "Go to person". Whatever your present walk of life, picture yourself as the one who is capable of performing when others are overrun with fear. This requires a bit of grandiosity in your thinking but that is alright. You are now the "knight in shining armor" ready to conquer the circumstances of your life. Anyone who is around you can count on you to pull through. This is the mindset of a winner.

As you approach 2009, develop this outlook to reach level you never dreamed possible. When you have the inner belief that you will be the one succeeding, you have taken the first step in making that a reality. All success is first created in the mind.
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