The Determination of Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson is one of the more controversial figures in American history. The leader of the Battle of New Orleans, he is not without his detractors. Controversy aside, one thing that is universally agreed upon is how determination played a large part in Jackson's success. It is hard to find someone who was more determined than this man.

It is said that once Jackson set his mind to something, he was destined to accomplish it. How is that for the power of manifesting? His determination took an idea and made it a reality. Jackson simply would take action until he achieved his ends. There was nothing that would stand in his way.

How does this correspond with your outlook? Do you have similar determination in all that you do? Or, are you easily swayed when things get difficult? Those who drift through life tend to have the later as their predominant mindset. Rationalizaton and justification are favorite practices, usually to uphold the idea of settling for less than is desired.

We have discussed a great deal about making 2009 the best year ever. However, this will not be possible unless we develop the determinination to succeed. Having a plan is a wonderful part of the process and this act alone will occasionally lead us to our desired outcome. Nevertheless, to truly enjoy the fruits of being a high achiever, it is paramount that you are determined to get there.

I want you to consider this idea as you go throughout the day. Perhaps write down each time that you are dissuaded by another person or situation. You will be amazed how little control you really have over your life. Sadly, it usually is control that we cede ourselves, with fear being the motivator.

Develop the determination of Andrew Jackson. His resolve (along with creativity and ingenuity) helped to fend off the British at New Orleans in the War of 1812. While your situations are most likely much smaller in scale, you can utitilize his outlook to achieve similar results.
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