What Qualities Do You Need?

Success is the result of certain actions taken in a specific direction. However, to get to that destination, there are certain qualities one needs to have. Implementing the proper attitudes and mindset are crucial if you are going to achieve anything substantial. For this to occur, you might need to alter how you view yourself.

Contrary to popular belief, your personality is something that is developed. It is not something that we are born with. People like to say "he is naturally..." or "this is how I was made". These are untrue statements. We all select the behaviors which we impact our lives. Most of these actions are determined by how we view ourselves.

"I played Cary Grant so long I actually became him"-Cary Grant

How would you describe Cary Grant? What words come to mind when you think about him. Mature. Sophisticated. Suave. Regal. Contrast that with Pee Wee Herman. What words come to mind to describe him? The reason I bring these two individuals up is neither of them are really that person. They both were born someone else. However, over time, they developed the qualities of their on screen persona (at least in our eyes).

Now that you see this concept, what qualities do you need to create the success in your life? How do you need to view yourself to achieve all you want to achieve? This is the first step to developing the personality which will carry you through.

Let us look at it another way. What is confidence? How do you know a person has it? Are you sure that they truly are confident or do they just hide their fear while taking action anyway? The point is, what you see on the outside is not what is necessarily on the inside. Yet, many times, it matters none. What comes through to others is what is important.

Therefore, we need to develop a list of all the qualities we need to succeed. Take out a piece of paper and write them down. Make a list of 5 characteristics which will get you to the next level. This is how you are going to view yourself. Start with words such as intelligent, confident, experienced, driven, etc... Take a look at some of the people you admire and ask yourself, "what qualities do I like in that person". If you want more success in business, choose someone who is successful in that arena. Perhaps it is best to start to see yourself as a business owner instead of an employee.

The idea is to create the image in our minds of how we want others to see us when we are successful. However, we know that before anything can happen, the vision needs to be clear in our mind. If you want to be something, see yourself as that first. Before long, that will become a part of you. This worked very well for Cary Grant.
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