A Time Of Optimism

We are approaching the new year. This is the time of year where optimism is the greatest. Whatever occurred in 2008 is in the past. It is done. Whether it was positive or negative, you cannot go back and change it. Life moves froward regardless of the results you achieved.

If you are one who achieved all the goals that you set out for the year, I congratulate you. However, for those of us who fell short in a few areas, there is the tendency to dwell upon those unrealized dreams. Now is not the time to engage in that activity. We are programming ourselves to look forward.

Everyone achieves something. There are lots of wonderful things that you did over the past year. Make a list of some of them no matter how insignificant they might seem. Each time you gave someone a smile, you lifted their spirit in that moment. Write that on the list. List everything you can think of that helped yourself or someone else. You will soon realize that you did a great deal.

We are all going to make the next year the best we ever experienced. The media wants to put us in a negative mindset with all the activities which are occurring globally. We are not going to listen to their garbage. Their fodder is food for all those who are going to be trampled in the new year. We are not part of that crowd. Instead, we are the ones who know that in each crisis there are lots of opportunities. Now is the time that we are going to forge our way to success. The only thing that stands in our way is the mindset we have. Success is first achieved in the mind then manifests itself in the physical world.

In closing, I hope you enjoy your Christmas holiday. Spread good cheer wherever you go over the next few days. Perhaps this might create a habit that you do throughout the year. That is a wonderful goal to have for 2009.
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