Learners Are Earners

Have you ever heard this statement?  It is not one that is usually promoted within the mainstream circles.  Perhaps this is the reason why so many fail to get ahead in life.  Instead, they drift from day-to-day without really achieving anything substantial in their life.  This is not something that we are interested in doing on this site.

Success in 2009 is going to depend in part on our ability to learn.  Learners are earners.  Write this motto down and post it on your mirror.  It is imperative this become a central part of our being.  Increasing our knowledge is the basis for all success we will achieve.

We set down some goals and made plans for their achievement.  Unfortunately, in most instances, we do not have all the knowledge we need to achieve those ends.  That is where our learning comes in.  Daily reading and study will provide us with the answers we need.

It is best to develop the habit of reading each day.  The world is full of books which will provide us insight into all that we are wishing to achieve.  In reality, most everything was done before.  Your path to success was already paved by another.  He or she did all the hard work for you.  Picking up a book will offer the details about how that person did it.  It will also spell out some of the pitfalls to avoid.  Learning from the mistakes of others is one of the greatest traits of the successful.

Are you willing to be a continual learner?  If you are, then I am certain you will achieve all that you desire.  However, if you are one who believe that you must "figure it all out on your own", I would guess that your path will be more difficult.  After all, I don't need to reinvent the wheel to have tires on my car that work.  Someone already did that for me.

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