It is the feelings we want

Have you ever thought about why you have a desire for something? Why do you want a particular item? What is it that causes you to show up to work each day? Answering these questions will show what drives you as a person. Controlling this is fundamental to taking control of your life.

Everything that we do, achieve, or acquire is because of the feelings we get. Feelings are the motivators which drive us to do certain things. There are some feelings that we crave experiencing while there are others which we will do anything to avoid. Nevertheless, it is the feelings that we receive which influences our decisions.

Let us use the example of a new blouse. Why would someone buy something like that? We know that there is rarely a basic need for the items we purchase. Thus, there must be something else at work. Of course, it is the feelings associated with the blouse that cause one to buy it. Perhaps she likes how she will look in it. Or maybe she thinks about how others will envy her. Whatever the reasoning, it ultimately comes down to the feelings.

To further illustrate this same point, suppose the woman buys the blouse because she knows she will look good in it. This is a very positive feeling. However, what do you think her emotional state is when someone else shows up with the same blouse on? Obviously, she moves to a negative state. Now, she wishes she never bought the blouse.

This concept applies to all the goals and desires that we discussed the last few weeks. Anything that you hold as a goal is because of the feelings you associate with that particular accomplishment. For example, if you have a goal of getting a new car, the only reason you crave it is for the feelings you believe it will give you. Perhaps you like the security that comes from its reliability. Or, if it is something fancy, you might like the idea of turning a few heads. The feeling of approval of our friends and peers is a powerful motivator. Again, whatever your reasoning is will reveal the feelings that you are seeking.

To take this one step further, when we are engaged in a goal achieving system, it is important to know the feelings that we truly want to experience. Doing this will allow us to feel fulfilled when achieving our goals. Many get what they want only to realize it leaves them empty. The reason is a goal (or item) might not provide the feeling that person craves.

Another helpful part of knowing what feelings we want to experience is that we can "rig" our life to feel that way without the item or goal we are seeking. For example, many want money because it represents security. However, we know that money can be lost no matter how many dollars one has. Therefore, one with a goal like this can work on feeling secure without the need for a lot of money. This is not to squelch the idea of seeking financial gain. Instead, operating in this manner ensures that the person will experience security when he or she achieves the goal. The feeling is present regardless of what else happens.

As you can see, feelings are very important. These are the sensations that we are truly seeking. Remember this when you are on your quest to achieve your goals. It is the feelings behind that goal which you are truly seeking.
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