Be The Best In All You Do

Being the best is something that is downplayed in recent years. We are taught that the effort put in is more important than winning or losing. While there is some merit to this idea, it creates a situation where people are unprepared for real life. The reason is that, in life, we are judged by the results we get. This is true whether we are referring to work, relationships, or athletics. Ultimately, it is the results of our actions which determine how far we will go.

Having the proper mindset is vitally important. Approaching everything with the outlook that we are going to be the best establishes a high level of performance in our mind. This helps to manifest the results that we desire instead of settling for less than we truly want.

How does this work? Many people want to change their life yet do not know where to begin. Surprisingly, this is an easy idea. Start exactly where you are at in this moment. Regardless of what you are doing, seek to be the best at it. This will develop the habit and the mindset to radically alter your life.

Let's take a career as an example. This is one of the areas where people seem dissatisfied. Simply, they do not like their job. How do we go about changing this? The starting point is to be the best at that particular job while you occupy it. It matters not what "level" you are at. Applying this to any position means that you will not occupy that position for too long. The world loves to reward the people who are the best at something. This mindset ensures that it will be you.

Another way of looking at it is to focus upon the task at hand. Strive to be the best at whatever you are doing in this present moment. If you are washing the dishes, be the world's best dishwasher for the next few minutes. The same is said for any activity regardless of how major or minor it is. We are seeking to develop a mindset which helps us to excel under all circumstances. Continually seeking to be the best in the minor activities will transcend into our more important tasks. Apply this in your home and watch how it filters into your work life.

Those who are successful are driven. Many feel that playing the game is more important than winning. While I do not advocate illegal or unethical behavior, success is something that people need to go after. Simply showing up is a path to mediocrity. Having the desire to set the world on it's ear is what will enable you to fulfill your ultimate potential. Be the best in everything that you do.
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