Avoid Being The Victim

One of the important keys to success is to avoid playing the victim. Most people who fail to achieve success excel at that art. I believe the reason they are unsuccessful is because they fall into the trap of blaming others for their plight. This is in direct opposition to personal responsibility.

It is easy to point the finger at other individuals or circumstance for the situations we find ourselves in. This is also a way to ensure your lack of progress in any area of your life. This habit causes people to shift their power away from themselves to something that is outside of them. This creates the scenario where the other person needs to be changed before one can succeed.

The simple fact of the matter is that nobody (or nothing) controls you unless you allow it. I often hear individuals say "she makes me so angry". This is absolutely incorrect. This person allows that other person to make him or her angry. Allowing someone else the power to affect how you feel is a sign of emotional weakness. If you find that you suffer from this, it is time to really invest the effort to changing that habit. Emotional control is a crucial factor in achieving great success.

Take control of your life. Whatever is occurring at this moment is a result of choices you made somewhere in the past. In others words, you chose the life that you are presently leading. While you might want to blame the boss all you want yet it is you who shows up for work each day. There are no slavery clauses written into employment contracts, thus it is your choice. No matter how your spouse acts, you chose to marry that person. If you lost money in the stock market, it was you who elected to put it there. This is the foundation of personal responsibility thinking.

There are times when life deals you a bad hand. However, the same is true for everyone. While some are busy sulking over the conditions of life, others are prevailing and moving forward. It is a basic fact that obstacles exist in life. Like the old saying goes, "when life hands you lemons, make lemonade".

Playing the victim is a guaranteed way to slice your success vein. Personal responsibility is the solution to this dilemma. Begin your quest today by taking responsibility for everything in your life. This will revert the power back to where it belongs, with you.
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