20 Top Success Tips From Donald Trump

To help with your progress entering the New Year, I thought it good if you got some success tips from The Don himself. These are found on his website.

  1. Think big

  2. Be positive

  3. Follow your passion

  4. Learn something new every day

  5. Listen to your gut

  6. Be patient

  7. Put a great team behind you

  8. Put beauty in everything you do

  9. Learn to negotiate, because everything you want demands it

  10. Always go for the biggest win possible

  11. Invest in real estate because it is the best investment there is

  12. Take risks

  13. Be audacious and get into the public eye

  14. Be your own brand

  15. Enjoy doing some work seven days a week and on vacations

  16. Say no

  17. Get out of your comfort zone

  18. Be stubborn when necessary

  19. Always have a Plan B

  20. Never settle for second best

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