In 100 Years...

In 100 years, what will it matter? I heard this line again in a movie I watched the other night. This got me to thinking about all the trivial hangups we all have. Can, adopting this outlook, make a difference in the actions we take in our lives? I believe that it will.

Utilizing this idea allows us to look at the larger picture. Too often we want to focus upon the isolated situations in front of us. Fear, a constant within most people, prevents the taking of action. We are so scared to failed that we resist taking the action. In the end, we live a life of unfulfilled dreams and promises.

If we remembered this simple saying each time we are confronted with a choice, I believe that the chance of moving forward is greatly increased. People are more willing to accept "failure" if they know the outcome really does not matter. Isnt that true for most things in life?

Let me give you an example. What was the last thing that you were really upset about? Can you even remember what it was? Think back a few weeks to the time where you were really angry? What situation caused that anger to dwell within you?

Whenever I ask these questions, most people find out that whatever they were irritated with was not that important. Usually they understand that what seemed crucial in the moment is really inconsequential in the long run. Things such as spilled milk, lost items, or forgotten tasks rarely amount to much. However, what often is of consequence is the reactions we have to those situations. Our exhibition of anger will leave an impact on our loved ones.

Fear is a jailer that knows no mercy. Resist the temptation to give into it by understanding that things will not matter in 100 years. Rejection is something that only hurts in the moment. Long term, it has little impact on our lives. Yet an acceptance of our proposition by another often leads to a breakthrough. There is more gained in life by saying "yes" rather than "no".

This concept is all about taking chances. Realizing that failure means little in the grand scheme enables us to pursue opportunities without limitation. In 100 years, it won't matter. Therefore, how much does it matter now?
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