Take It To Another Level

This is a simple mindset trick that can radically alter the success that you have. Most of us operate at a default level mentally, energetically, and physically. It is most apparent when you watch the pace that people walk at. Most will go at something that is subconsciously comfortable to them.

One of the easiest ways to improve your life is to take everything you do up to another level. We often see this done in sports when champion athletes get "up" for the big game. It seems their talents rise to another level when everything is on the line.

You can do the same thing in your life. Most of what we do is segmented into different compartments. We have our work lives, followed by family, recreation, etc... Apply this mindset to each area will net us substantial results in general.

Let us look at exercise as an example. Most get into a routine and stick with it. Champion athletes chronicle how they often alter their routine to get maximum benefit from their workout. We need to do the same thing. Perhaps it is possible for you to enter the gym and quantify your exercise routine. Let's say that you normally operate at a level 5. You will see drastic results if you concentrate on performing at a level 7. This minor difference in effort will create a success rate that is higher than you were previously enjoying.

We can apply this to all areas. People who are successful operate at a different level. This exercise will help push you to a higher level. Try it for the next week to notice an instant difference.
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