Personal Accountability

A major component to success is the ability to follow through. Action is a pre-requisite for achievement. The greatest plans in the world are worthless unless action is added to the mix. It is the transition that takes something from the invisible world (an idea) into the visible (physical form).

To do this, there needs to be a level of accountability someplace along the line. Rarely is success a one-shot deal. Most often, success is the result of dedicated effort over a long period of time. Persistence is a common quality among those who excel. They have the ability to persevere regardless of the obstacles that arise.

It seems that we do the best when we are accountable to others. Lying is not something that most people will openly admit to enjoying. We want to perceive ourselves as honest. Yet, if we tell someone that we will do something, and fail to take the action, that is a form of dishonesty. For many, this is a situation they will do everything to avoid. Therefore, people do fairly well when they are accountable to others.

This scenario takes a different twist when that accountability is removed. There are many situations where the only one who we are accountable is ourselves. Here is where the trouble begins. People, in general, seem to be awful at maintaining any type of personal accountability. Sadly, they will always 'let themselves off the hook'. You can see this in all walks of life.

Let us use weight loss as an example. It is common for someone to commit to losing weight. The desire to change one's physical being most often comes around the New Year. The resolve to lose 'X' amount of pounds is made. Plans are set forth including joining a gym. And, for the first few weeks, the person follows through on the decision.

Of course, we all know what happens next. The desire to keep at it wanes over time. One day, the individual talks him or herself out of going to the gym. Of course, the rationalization makes total sense in that person's head. Following this pattern, within a few weeks the workout routine is totally eliminated.

What happened to the resolve that the person had on January 1st? The simple fact in life is that we will not always be motivated to take action. On any given day the desire to follow through might not be there. This occurs in everybody's life. However, those who attain success are the ones who can overcome these moments. Taking action in spite of how you feel is a key for those who want success.

Accountability is critical is one is to be successful. The ideal is for you to develop the ability to be accountable to oneself. If you set down an objective, follow through as if the entire world is watching. Understand that breaking your 'word' to yourself is just as bad as doing it to someone else. Be honest with yourself. Hold yourself to the same standards anyone else would. This single concept will increase your productivity significantly.

Since I understand how difficult it is to establish this foundation, the next suggestion is to establish accountability with others as often as possible. In the above mentioned example, getting a workout partner is a fantastic way to erect the accountability bridge. The likelihood of meeting at the gym when you commit to someone else is much greater then if it is just you. Look for those people in your life who you can be accountable to. Tell others of what you plan to do so that you have that foundation in place. You chances of success are drastically increased.

Focusing your attention on accountability can radically alter your life. It is something that most take for granted. However, seeking it out is a way to develop the habit of being responsible. Let your word be your bond. If you say it, do it. Act as if your life depended upon completing this action. You will see an immediate increase in your productivity.
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