Fear Leads To 'No'

A few days ago, I wrote about "Saying Yes to Life". This is something that I believe many people need to implement. We are conditioned by society to say no to offers. Saying 'yes' opens up experiences we otherwise would have passed on.

Today I want to touch upon the psychology behind this. Most people allow fear to control their lives. The reason I make this statement is they tend to say 'no' more often then they say 'yes'. A life filled with negative responses is one that is run by fear.

Fear always leads to 'no'. It cannot be any other way. Fear is a technique used by the mind to maintain certainty. Anytime you are pondering something different the mind determines ways that it can control the certainty you experience. Obviously, a potentially new experience means there will be some uncertainty. The mind abhors this. Therefore, it creates a bit of fear in you to get you to deny the opportunity. Operating under the status quo is preferred.

Getting out of our comfort zone is the key to an expanding life. Naturally, there is some discomfort associated with doing this. Saying yes to new challenges and opportunities is how we grow. Sadly, most stop believe their growing stops when they reach adulthood. A truly enlightened person will seek to grow more during the adult years as opposed to childhood. This is a large order since childhood is nothing but a big growth stage.

Consider the responses you have to life situations. Think about all those times that you say no to others. Is this the overriding response in your life? If it is, I would point out that you are most likely allowing fear to control you. It is the one making the decisions for you. And, it is robbing you of a wonderful life. New experiences are what make things fun and exciting. The status quo becomes boring after a short period of time. Unfortunately, many remain within their same circle for years.

Begin today to say 'yes' to life. Whatever is asked of you today, answer in the affirmative. Regardless of what it is, agree to do it (unless it puts you at physical risk). Seek out some new experiences for yourself. This will lay the foundation for a more fulfilled life. Get out of the habit of saying 'no' all the time.
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