Motivation Aids

People often tell me they lack motivation to complete the tasks which need their attention. In a word, they lack motivation. This is something that is fairly common among those who struggle. They have desires, and perhaps even a plan, yet fail to have the motives to complete what they desire. Thus their dilemma.

I cannot thoroughly cover how unearthing the "why" behind a desire will provide most of the energy needed to complete a task in this post. However, I can offer some assistance which will help you to get motivated to complete what you need to. These tidbits can be put into place immediately if you are only willing to follow them.

Have you ever noticed that gyms have music playing while people work out? This is done in an effort to create a particular atmosphere. Now, let us take this one step further. What is the difference between the music played in a gym versus that in an elevator. Each location has music yet creates a different atmosphere. The gym has something that will create energy and pump a person up while the elevator seeks to soothe.

Music is one of the most powerful motivators there is. Whatever you are confronted at doing, look for ways to add music to it. This will make the experience more enjoyable while providing an atmosphere for success.

As I write this post, I have some classical music playing in the background. This is something that I find helpful to write to. While I admit I am a fan of hard rock music, that does not lend itself to my creative writing. Classical music sets the tone I need to complete my work. At the same time, since this is really the only time I listen to this music, my mind is conditioned that classical music means writing. It is a trigger for me to start writing.

Enlisting the help of aids is useful in completing tasks. For example, people into yoga or pilates use mats to assist them. When these items are rolled out, the person knows that they are going to workout. The same is for weightlifters and their belts. I only wear this when I am working out thus my mind is conditioned to get motivated for exercise when the belt goes on.

These aids can also be used as stepping stones when you are lacking the motivation to get going. For example, if I lack the desire to write on a given day, I will flip on the music and sit at my computer. This is a step I can take with greater ease as opposed to writing immediately. Turning on the music is an action which moves me towards my eventual outcome.

The same is true for exercise. If you are lacking the desire to do it today, begin by putting on your workout clothing. This is a step you can easier handle then trying to "psyche" yourself up to workout. Once the clothing is on, take yourself to the gym (or wherever you workout). This is another step which moves you towards the results you seek. Finally, since you are dressed and there, you might as well workout.

We can break any activity down into manageable tasks. However, using motivational aids is an effective way to succeed. Music is one of the most powerful tools on this planet. It is something that strikes at the core of most people. Consider this the next time you find yourself resistant to doing something.

Now, since my writing is completed, I need to find my Metallica cd to motivate myself to work out.
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