Thinking About Things Differently

The world is coming to an end. At least that is the impression that one could get by reading the headlines doled out by the media. While not believing that the end is near, I will grant that we are in some trying times. This worldwide debacle has the potential to eclipse the Great Depression in severity. People are going to see things we have not witnessed in a few generations.

For this reason, I feel it important for people to change their mode of thinking. Many in the press made an issue of the fact that all stock profits gained by the bull market run over the last decade were wiped out in the last 6-9 months. This completely destroyed the buy and hold model of stock investing. People who adhered to this philosophy realized major losses recently.

This is just one example of how people's thinking needs to change. Another example is the idea of security in one's job. The days of lifetime employment left us 15 years ago. However, many still clung to the illusion that there is safety in a job. Understand this: there is no security in a job. This is something that can be lost at any time. We are witnessing well over half a million people losing their security each month in the United States alone.

Now is the time to rethink what direction you are going in. What are you going to do different in the near future to protect yourself against the circumstances we are now facing? Are you prepared to start that side business to supplement your income while you still are fortunate to be employed? Will you seek different streams of revenue to prevent a financial collapse if you are let go? Did you consider the opportunity you have under you own roof by renting out the spare bedroom? These are all ideas which are aside from the traditional thinking yet so necessary in this era.

You are capable of far more than you have done. The truth is that most in the Western world have enjoyed a relatively easy ride. We simply have not been pushed. Even those who suffered fail to realize what true poverty is. If you are questioning what it looks like, study the conditions in Africa or areas of Central America. That is true poverty.

Nevertheless, if this situation is prolonged, we might see something similar start to arise in this country. Many will find themselves facing circumstances which will test what they are made of. Fortunately, there is a lot more within you than even you imagine. Success is something that we all can attain regardless of the circumstances. It is only a matter of believing that we can do it. Sadly, few will reveal this to themselves until they are forced into the situation. Think differently about yourself starting this moment; it might be needed in the future.

The world around us is rapidly changing. A different way of thinking is critical to our advancement. What worked just a few years ago is now obsolete. The entire game has changed. Get yourself ahead of the curb by altering the way you look at things. This will uncover avenues which are right under your nose. With every crisis comes monumental opportunities for the person who is looking. Take advantage of it.
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