Rising Above Obstacles

The other day I touched upon the subject of obstacles and how people allow them to stop them before even starting upon their journey to success.  What few realize is that obstacles are always present no matter what the endeavor.  Those who allow them to stop them are guaranteed to fail.  It is only those who move forward in spite of the obstacles present that will enjoy success.

Raise Your Level Of Thinking

People who overcome obstacles are able to raise their level of thinking above the present situations.  There is a saying: you cannot solve the problem at the same level that created the problem.  What this means is that mentally one must lift his or her thinking to another level.  This is what is meant by taking a step back to see the bigger picture.  Too often we focus upon what is right in front of us without considering the larger situation.

This process starts with the understanding that anything is possible.  Again, we see the vast percentage of the population (95%) who operate with limited thinking.  They refuse to open up their minds to all the possibilities.  That is why we hold people who are creative in such high regard.  Men like Edison, the Wright Brothers, musicians, and other artists create things out of thin air.  They have a picture in their mind which, with action, they manifest in the physical realm.  Certainly, there are instances when it takes a long time to develop as in Edison and the light bulb.  Yet, this shows how one who is operating at a higher level mentally can overcome whatever obstacles are present.

The question is do you fall into this category.  Statistically speaking I am going to guess not.  As mentioned, 95% of the general population are inhibited by limited thinking.  Their belief system is such that they accept their present lot in life as the only way to live.  Sure, others can achieve great success but not them.  Their mindset is conditioned to settle and justify that decision.

Therefore, the very first order of business is to open our minds up to the wonderful power of unlimited thinking.  Remember, what was once gadgets on a sci-fi television program is now part of our everyday lives.  The thoughts were there long before the physical objects appeared.

Real or Imagined

We all know the mind is a powerful mechanism.  It can create things that no computer can even come close to.  The problem with this is there is a part of the mind that takes everything it is imprinted with as fact.  The subconscious reads all as literal.  This is a basis for success if we know how to program it.  Yet, for most, it is a source of continued failure.

The mind sees in pictures.  It matters none what it is impressed with, it believes it and operates as if it is factual.  Therefore, if one allows fear to operate within him or herself, this is taken as gospel by the subconscious.  Hence, whatever the mind conjures up is believed.

What does this have to do with obstacles?  Well, the simply fact is that obstacles are a future event.  When one is looking at any situation, the obstacles envisions are not present in that exact moment.  They exist in the future which is not real.  This is where the problem arises.  How do you know whether the obstacles you envision are real or imaginary?  Remember, the subconscious takes each as real so it matters none which they are.  Imaginary obstacles will stop one the same as real ones.

As you can guess, as one proceeds along in quest of a particular goal, some of those obstacles will appear.  The mind was not conjuring them up.  They came to fruition and one simply has to deal with them.  At the same time, one will also understand that many of the perceived obstacles do not exist.  The imagination was running away from him or her.  Of course, if one is allowing obstacles to stop progress, the imagined have the same effect.

Anyone who wants to have success needs to rise above this level mentally while understanding that one can only deal with real obstacles.  While they will arise, there is no need to allow the imaginary to enter into the mindset.  As was shown, this will only aid one in ceasing forward progress because that person cannot truly tell the difference between reality or not.  And this is something that we all suffer from if we engage in this exercise.

Therefore, your solution is to focus upon what you truly want.  Yes, it is important to weight the pros and cons of any venture before starting.  However, do not allow the initial perception to alter one's path.  Obstacles will be erected in due time and know you will deal with them in due time. Success is nothing more than rising above obstacles while persisting on towards pre-determined outcome.  This is the method that the most successful people use.  Begin to implement it in your life today.

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