3 Steps To Accomplishing Anything

Do you realize the age we live in?

The Internet has changed the amount of information that we have access to.  This single medium allows anyone, from the comforts of their own home, to view more information than is contained in the entire Library of Congress.  No matter what the topic is, we are now able to tap into all that is known about that subject.  This is a remarkable breakthrough which few take advantage of.

It is amazing that people, in general, are so inept.  In this day and age, you would think that people were able to excel beyond anything ever imagined.  Knowledge is potential power which can be turned into amazing accomplishments.  However, not many are even willing to take this step.

Nevertheless, for those who are, there is hope.  Are you aware that you can succeed at anything if you are willing to do a bit of research and apply some action?  I do not care what the subject matter is or the area of life you would like to focus upon, the information is readily available.  To succeed, one only need to follow a simple formula.

1. Research

Enter into any search engine "ways to _______________" and put in the topic of your choice.  For example ways to lose weight, ways to gain financial freedom, ways to make money in the futures market, ways to be a better leader, etc...  If you so desire, on topics that are broad like life improvement, you could put in 100 ways to improve your life.

What happens is you will get thousands of pages of web results.  Many of these pages will be for sites selling something but a lot of them will be general information.  These are the sites you want to focus upon.  Information sites like blogs and free online courses provide a wealth of knowledge about the particular subject you are interested in.  It is helpful to pay special attention to those sites which contain lists such as 20, 50, or 100 ways to _________.  These will help you to complete step 2.

2. Create a List

Now it is time to create a list of basics actions we can take on a regular basis to reach our desired destination.  At this time, go through the different sites and make notes about the suggestions they offer.  Write down the actions they suggest so that you begin to form an action plan.  A lot of this might be already done for you if you focus upon the sites with the lists already completed.  Take the pertinent information out of those lists and add them to whatever other actions you find.

Once you have all this together, compile them into a master list.  The goal here is to get 50 or 100 actions which you, personally, will take.  Hopefully you will uncover many simple actions that when coupled together create fantastic results.  The more items you list, the better since they are additional actions you can take.  Also, the simpler the actions the greater the chance of success.  So, for weight loss, you will not want to put down "run a marathon".  Instead something such as "Park as far away from the store as possible" is better. 

3. Take Action

This is key.  Nothing is ever completed without action.  Action is the bridge that spans the invisible world to the visible.  Many have ideas in their head, acquire the knowledge, but fail to take the action.  Without action, one only has thoughts.

Another aspect I must mention is the idea of consistent action.  Learning a new language, for example, requires studying vocabulary on a daily basis.  Just doing it one time will not suffice.  Same with success in exercise, writing, sales, or chemical engineering.  Whatever the subject, you will have a list of tasks to do on a regular basis.  That is why you want many of them to be simple but effective.  Again, when you have an assortment of simple actions that have big impact, coupling a few of them together will often create large results.

And there you have it.  Take these three steps and you can accomplish anything.  Remember, the information is readily out there.  As Tony Robbins like to say, "success leaves clues".  Take your subject matter, search for the information, compile a list of actions you can take to arrive at your destination, and take the action. 

Life does not have to be complicated.  Why make it that way?
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