Creating The Life You Want

There is a fundamental part of creating the life that you want.  Most fail to miss this basic component which ensures that they are destined to lead a life that is less than what they truly crave.  Instead, they find themselves mired in a state of mediocrity. 

What is this basic building block?  In one word: believe.

To create the life that you want, you first must believe it is possible.  This is a difficult task for most especially when mired in the daily grind that is their present reality.  Most individuals do not have the ability to "see" what is ahead of them.  Their focus remains solely on the negativity which exists in the present moment.

Visualization is a technique that many taught over the ages.  Many will scoff at this notion because the do not believe it works.  It is ironic since all evidence points to the contrary.  To start, when one visualizes, he or she gains clarity over what is desired.  We all are aware that with clarity comes power.  It is much easier to hit a target that is clearly seen than one that is fuzzy or moving.

At the same time, visualization also allows us to focus our attention upon that which is desired.  Some will contest the merits of attaching to you vibrationally what you want.  However, one cannot debate the power of focus and what happens when one concentrates the mind on a single end.  The book "Think and Grow Rich" contained this idea as the central tenet throughout the entire book.

Believing takes a "leap of faith".  The reason why it is believing and not knowing is because it has not materialized in the physical world.  Failure is something that most have experienced.  We know this concept well.  However, life success is another story for most.  Their conditioning leads one to move away from this at every turn.  Over the years we are taught things such as "get your head out of the clouds", "keep your feet on the ground", or "get a safe job to provide security for your family".  These are all concepts which imprison one mentally.

The truth is that your life is exactly that: yours.  You can do with it as you see fit.  If you want to end it today, that is your choice.  Nobody can stop you if this is seriously your intention.  At the same time, if you desire to make it the most wonderful thing in the world,  there isnt an individual on this planet who can prohibit that...except you.  Your life is what you perceive it to be. 

Therefore, if you want more out of life, you need to first believe that a) more exists and b) you are capable of achieving it.  The fact that you presently are in a condition that is distasteful to you should not hinder you in any way.  Many noted success stories started from places much worse than you presently are at.  These individuals did not allow their present circumstances get in the way of the creation of the life they wanted.  Instead of deterring them, the situations often inspired them.  Whatever is your excuse for stopping you, use that are a reason to overcome.  This simple shift is available to anyone who chooses it.

So, begin your journey to success by believing that anything is possible in your life.  Remember, things we often take for granted today, like air travel, were pipe dreams 150 years ago. 
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