This is a word that I want you to consider and think about how it applies to your life.  Is "outstanding" a part of anything you do?  Do you experience a part of your day that is "outstanding"?  Can you ever answer "outstanding" when asked a question like how was your exercise class?  If you are like many, I am going to guess the answer is no.


We are conditioned to accept the mediocre.  This is something that we are taught from the time we leave school.  It is ironic because the educational system rewards outstanding performance.  All merits are based upon getting the highest grades attainable.  Of course, if you can do this, then you are privileged to attend the best schools.  This, we are told, will enhance you chances of getting a better job upon graduation.

However, this is where the confusion arises.  Once we enter the workforce, we are told "not to rock the boat".  Organization such as unions exist to collectively negotiate for all its members regardless of merit.  Middle management is often the goal because upper management appears to be a caste system. 

We see the same thing occur in people's personal lives.  They remain in marriages/relationships which are mediocre.  Weekends are spent tending to insignificant tasks which really amounts to the wasting of time until the next workweek starts.  Few have passion in anything they do but, instead, opt to trudge through life as something to be tolerated. 

The end result is that mediocre is acceptable.  In fact, it is something that many strive for.

Outstanding Is A Mindset

It is a wonderful fact that to be outstanding, one need only to decide to be that.  Few realize the power of the mind and the ability of it to alter one's reality.  Whereas mediocrity is a state of mind, so too is the concept of "outstanding".  And, I feel it is time that everyone adopted this viewpoint.

The starting point is to decide that you are going to experience "outstanding" in all you do.  This is now the goal of every action you take.  Nothing is done with the intent of only being mediocre.  Of course, we must remember that few every utilize the word "mediocre".  Instead, they use descriptive terms such as enough, average, comfortable, and passable.  People strive to just complete the task as opposed to determining the quality with which it is undertaken.  While I will admit there are many situations where one seeks to just "get the job done", too often this is people's approach to everything.  In fact, it is their pattern for life in general.

Outstanding is the highest state of achievement.  It is one step higher on the scale from excellence.  Excellence can be the state of extreme talent.  However, outstanding is the state of separating oneself from everyone else.  Many have excellence in their lives yet few are truly outstanding.  Even the word itself depicts what occurs: one literally stands out.  Going back to our original questions, is there any part of your life that stands out?

Here is an example using my favorite topic: the physical body.  Many people realize they are not doing so well in this department so they decide to make a change.  Most of the time, they establish a goal of "getting in shape".  Perhaps they even quantify it a bit more by putting a number such as losing 50 pounds or getting down to 135 pounds.  Regardless of the method chosen, compare these ideas with the goal of having an outstanding body.  Which one denotes greater passion and excitement.  Would you rather be in shape or have an outstanding body?  The answer should be self-evident.  Of course, to read the later end requires a great deal more effort.  And that is why most usually settle for mediocre: it is a lot easier.


There needs to be a payoff for undertaking the extra action necessary to achieve outstanding.  Fortunately, all rewards are forthcoming to a person of this ilk.  In fact, it the outstanding who reap most of the rewards.

Consider the idea of the workplace.  If you are mediocre, what do you get?  People at this level find they get very few of the rewards offered in the workplace.  In fact, it is commonplace that they share in nothing.  Outsourced, downsized, or laid off is a typical outcome for these people.

The same is true for those who are excellent.  While they tend to last longer than the average, they too do not share in a great portion of the rewards.  People are this level are very good at what they do but things are still a struggle.  Many can duplicate what they do albeit with some searching.  Their rewards can be good but rarely will set them apart.

It is only those who set themselves apart from everyone else that receive truly outstanding rewards.  Outstanding people take home the lion's share of the prize.  This is true in all situations.  These are the people who get noticed by others.  Therefore, they profit where others are overlooked.

Getting back to the physical body scenario mentioned above.  Who do you think will attract more of the opposite sex, the person in shape or the one with the outstanding body?  Anyone who ever visited a beach knows the answer to this one.  The person with the outstanding body is going to turn all heads.  He or she is the one who garners the attention of the opposite sex.  The person in shape might have success but the one who achieved outstanding will get to choose from the lion's share.  And this is the difference.  Entering the elite allows one to enjoy a disproportionate amount of the rewards.

In conclusion, I suggest you lift your standards up to the level of outstanding.  This is the quickest and easiest way to move from a life of mediocrity.  Choose one facet today and approach that area with the mindset of being outstanding.  Do this, and notice how quickly your actions change as do the results you get.

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