Take Advantage What Is Presented

Many are seeking out opportunities while ignoring what is under their nose.  This is a basic problem with the human condition; we are always looking "over there".  People simply do not put to use what is under their control.

Wanting Something Big

Individuals like to focus upon the big.  They want to make radical life changes while not accepting the fact that life is made up of a series of smaller actions.  To completely alter one's life, in most instances, people need to make lots of little changes that add up to a large difference.  Yet we are conditioned to want to find something bigger.

I will relate an example that illustrate this point.  I once studied under a guy who was a multi-millionaire.  He was one to go around picking up coins off the ground when he saw them.  People might think this strange unless you understand his mindset.  He is a person who believes that he has no right to tell the universe no when it blesses him with money.  He emphatically states "who am I do dictate the denomination of the money given to me".  This is so true.  Because he is open to a penny or a nickel, he also receives money in the form of thousands.  He is satisfied no matter what is given.

Contrast this with the outlook that most people have.  People, at least in the western cultures, have a denomination where money becomes valuable.  Obviously, to the average person, a penny or nickel is too small.  To many, so is a dollar or even 5  dollars.  Some will think about $10.  Others $20.  Still others $100.  The point is there is a threshold where one will think hard before spending.  Below that level, the amount is considered inconsequential.

The sad thing is this is how people view most things in their lives.

The Disease of More

People want more.  It is what we are conditioned to believe.  No matter what one has, there is always someone to look to who is doing better.  If that person is not around, Madison Avenue ensures this occurs by presenting advertisements of what success is.  Everyday is a quest to add to the mountain of stuff already accumulated in an effort to feel worthy.  This is a national illness which creates much pain, especially financial.

There is nothing wrong with accumulating "the finer things in life" if you are able to attain them in a sensible way.  The problem is people feel entitled as opposed to being willing to work for them.  It is here where the disconnect between opportunities and success occurs.  Most are always looking at the end while ignoring what takes place in the middle.

For example, the $100,000 a year job is desirable to most everyone.  However, few take the time to prepare themselves so they can handle a job like this.  If someone is paying that amount of money, he or she will require a return for it.  Just showing up and occupying space is not enough.  Sadly, many believe this.

What is overlooked is that one can create a better opportunity in his or her present employment.  There are opportunities in all positions.  While I acknowledge that not every job can be turned into $100,000 annually, there are things that can be attained which will propel you forward.  This is a key point to success.  Every job offers opportunities for something.  It is just being aware of what can be garnered from that position. 

Starting Where You Are

It is crucial that no matter what you are desiring, you are willing to start exactly where you are.  This might seem like common sense yet most fail to do this.  Instead, they dream of better things all the while overlooking what is presently in front of them.  Now I admit that present circumstances might be terrible for many people.  The advantage to that is the changes necessary ought to be highly obvious.  Regardless of how the situation is, dealing with reality is always your starting point.

The truth is that in the western countries, there are opportunities oozing from every segment of society.  Unless one travels around to third world nations, we do not realize how good things are.  Sure there are problems.  But, for the most part, we have the freedom to excel.  This is not the case in many parts of the world.  Necessities like food and clean water are at a premium.  People in these situations seek only to survive.  We have the opportunity for so much more.

So your present geographic location is the starting point.  Ignore things such as the economy and wage scale.  Look to what is presently in your life that you can utilize for advancement.  What skills or opportunities are there which you have been ignoring.  I will tell you something that 40% of the workforce completely overlooks: the 401K program.  Studies show only 60% participate.  Here is an example of how people fail to take advantage of something that will benefit them.  Is it any wonder that people have such horrific financial lives?

Your challenge now is to look around you and find the opportunities that presently exist within your life.  Understand that since the Internet is available to all of us, the possibilities are almost endless.  Information is available with the touch of a few keystrokes.  You can learn whatever you desire.  Begin to see what is in front of you.  The solution is never "over there" but, rather, right here.

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