Money Equals Freedom

Many people are going to take exception to this post but the truth is that money equals freedom.  Or specifically, can equal freedom.  Freedom is a subjective term which requires being put into context.  I will explain that part in a bit.  The main point of this post is that having money, actually more specifically, massive amounts of money, puts one in position to move his or her life to another level.  This is something that those without the means do not enjoy.

Desire More

A couple days ago I wrote about having wealth as a goal.  The reason why most people do not attain massive amounts of financial wealth is they never make it a goal.  Instead, they ignore the situation all together while pursuing whatever the passing fancy is in the moment.  This is evidenced by the actions of people.  Those who have wealth as a goal do not go and buy McMansions.  Nor do they lease or finance expensive European automobiles which only decrease in value as time goes by.  Instead, they focus upon prudent spending while amassing their fortune one financial transaction at a time.

It is a proven fact that before people will change, desire needs to exist.  One will not lose weight unless he or she desires it.  The same is true for breaking an addiction.  Excelling at a sport.  Success in business.  And, not surprisingly, financial wealth is not achieved unless one desires it.

This brings up the question why should one desire wealth.  We live in a society where "more" is an illness.  Everyone desires more.  It is a national epidemic.  Nobody is satisfied with what they have.  We all know that money does not buy happiness.  So why should one desire wealth when it is an unproven path to fulfillment?

The answers lies in what is desired.  More "stuff" is not the answer.  Those who desire wealth so they can have a larger home or nicer cars ends up in a state called dissatisfaction.  The truth is that a bigger house usually means there is more to clean and the taxes are higher.  Rarely does it provide greater happiness in and of itself.  The same holds true for most material things.  Items provide a law of diminishing returns.  The greatest desire for the item is when it is sitting on the shelf in the store.  Once it is purchased, the satisfaction and enjoyment head downwards.  If you question this idea go look at something in your closet that you "just had to have".  Notice how you feel about it now compared to then.  The desire is diminished.

Intangible Qualities in Life

Happiness comes from those things in life we cannot buy or touch.  So why do I make the point that one should desire wealth?  As the title suggests, the reason is because money equals freedom.  Those with massive amounts of money can do things others cannot.  This is where the life experienced is enhanced.

The most important aspect of this idea is the concept of time.  This is the one thing in life that none of us can control.  We all have 24 hours in a day and a certain number of days on this planet.  There is nothing anyone can do to alter that.  Sure one can shorten the lifespan by engaging in activities which are detrimental to one's health.  However, as of yet, nobody really figured out a way to expand the number of days an individual has on this planet.  Therefore, time is an element we must focus upon.

Having a massive amount of money allows one to have time freedom.  This is the most important factor I can relate to you.  Most people spend at least 1/3 of their week engaged in work.  While this is a part of life, most are involved in activities which are unrewarding.  Thus, an individual is spending 2/3 his or her life working and sleeping.  Couple in commuting, running of errands, and preparing for work and you can see how one is left with little time.  We notice a similar routine on the weekends when one spends his or her time running around handling things which were overlooked during the week or trying to recover from the stress of the workweek.  To me, none of this signifies freedom.

Freedom is the state where one is able to spend his or her time as he or she sees fit.  Obviously, there are times in life where we must do something (heading to grandmas for Christmas dinner as an example).  However, when one sacrifices 1/3 of life for a paycheck, that person is not free.  Therefore, one needs to develop wealth so as to be able to engage in activities when he or she sees fit. 

Another aspect of this comes in the form of creativity.  When one is not working for a paycheck, then that person if free to create.  People have an assortment of interests which they never have time for.  For many, once wealth is achieved, these interests are suddenly available.  Whether it is a hobby such as playing an instrument or something that can earn one money like writing or painting, a person is now free to follow that path.  It is not possible when one is spending a vast amount of time slaving away for a check at the end of two weeks.

Desiring more simply means that you are going to take your life to another level in terms of your experience on this planet.  It does not imply that one is going to accumulate a large amount of material possessions.  These are not what provides the satisfaction.  Instead of following that path, a person who is wise will seek to expand the experiences that are had.  This is where one reaches fulfillment.  Again, it can be in the form of travel, learning something of interest, or spending time with family which otherwise would not be possible.  When one is wealthy, he or she has the freedom to do any of these things.

There is one final thought I must bring up.  Not all wealthy people are free.  There are some who are so consumed with the path to the top that the accumulation of wealth becomes an addiction.  At the same time, many are filled with the fear of losing money that they too are enslaved by it.  We always need to keep money in its proper perspective.  It is a vehicle.  Do not worship it nor fear it.  Use it as a path to freedom and you will realize how life can be truly magical.

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