Your Relationship To Money

People are unaware of how they view money and how much it affects their ability to create wealth.  Life is an inside job with the inner abilities reflected in the physical world.  Those who attain a certain level of production, no matter what the endeavor, believe certain things.  Ability is only part of the equation; confidence, desire, and persistence are examples of others.

Everyone Can Be Rich

This is a statement that many view as foolhardy.  Yet, it is an absolute fact.  Rich people are not lucky or different from the average person.  Sure, the media likes to glorify the superstar athlete or movie star and the rich heirs who instantly become "celebrities".  However, most research reveals these people are the minority when it comes to the wealth.  In other words, few people amass their wealthy by winning the lottery.  Instead, there are common paths that people follow to reach this end.

While I am not going to delve into the steps to wealth building in this post, I will tell you that the path is simple to follow.  Please bear in mind, like most worthwhile things in life, simple does not mean easy.  The road to riches involves a great deal of study and time.  Those who are willing to make it a goal and invest the time to become wealthy usually will achieve that end.  Most never get to this point because they simply fail to make it a goal in their lives.  Believe that you can amass wealthy because anyone can.

Money Thoughts

Money is a powerful topic which elicits great emotions.  People feel strongly about their beliefs as it pertains to wealth.  What is incredible is that they do not even acknowledge that they have these beliefs.  The sad fact is most beliefs are not consciously adopted but, rather, a result of the conditioning we receive.  It is time to think about what you believe in relation to money.

When you hear someone became a millionaire, how do you feel?  Are you happy for the person or jealous?  Do you believe they did something illegal or unethical to get to the point?  Were they just lucky?  Answers to questions like these reveal what your beliefs are about money.  Growing up we hear phrases like "money does not grow on trees" or "you cant take it with you".  These ideas help to influence the way we view wealth.  For most, the unfortunate part is that the people doing the influencing are not wealthy themselves.  In addition, these people also have their own prejudices and anger towards the wealthy which most likely passed along.

Your relationship to money will determine whether you accumulate it or not.  Do you believe that money "is not important"?  Obviously, if money is not important than you fail to amass any of it.  Are rich people greedy and corrupt?  If this is the case, who wants to join them?  The point I am making is most people are not rich simply because they have ill feelings towards wealth.  Ironically, the accumulation of money on its own is neither positive or negative.  What is important is the service provided along the way and the person you are (or become) when attaining that end.  Money is an inanimate object.  It is nothing more than a medium of exchange.  Those who understand this are able to breakthrough the limiting beliefs that most have towards money.  This is a crucial step in the process.

Therefore, look at what your relationship towards money is.  Consider how your parents thoughts and what they taught you.  Also, look at societal influences, both near and far, to see where those around you stand on this subject.  Everything that is mentioned pertaining to money has some type of message along with it that imprints upon our psyche.  Over time, this creates our belief system.  It is time for you to uncover and take your thinking back.  If you desire wealth, it is imperative that you do this.

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