Big Thinking

Of late, I wrote a great deal about thinking.  The mind is the most powerful mechanism in your life.  It will create yet it will also destroy.  All your dreams are possible if you will only capture the power of the mind.  Failure to do this almost definitely leads down the road of mediocrity.

A Thought Requires No Effort

A thought is not a physical activity which requires effort.  It is something that occurs often without our awareness.  Everyone of us experienced the situation where a thought "just popped into our heads".  There was no great exertion or strain.  The idea simply appeared.

The same is true for those things that we consciously focus our minds upon.  People often spend time brainstorming problems considering all possibilities as they pertain to the given situation.  Through this process, plans and solutions are created while weighing the probabilities of each.  Again, it is a mental exercise which lacks a physical component.  

Another area we see the power of thinking is when we project.  Each of us have activities or obligations that will occur in the future.  Perhaps it is a meeting for work or a court case.  Whatever the circumstance, there are times when we must do things that we are not excited about.  These are the times when the mind takes over.  Looking forward to an impending event which we dislike leads to a negative projection.  People will naturally look at a situation such as this and go to the "worst case scenario".  The only outcome that is envisioned is one which "bad" things happen.  It never occurs to the person to mental establish the situation as going how he or she desires.

Of course, you can understand how it take no more effort to create a positive mental outcome versus a negative one.  It is exactly the same process.  Nevertheless, individuals tend to lean towards the negative mindset.

Big Thinking

"You do not want to go bankrupt over a duplex." -Robert Kiyosaki

This is the essence of big thinking.  If things are going to go wrong, you want them to go wrong in a big way.  At least then you have a chance at a decent payoff.  Yet too many play things conservative for fear of losing.  This is indicative of small thinking.

Before going further, I will mention that I am not discussing the idea of being careless and just gambling.  Prudence is a characteristic that everyone should develop.  Senseless risk taking rarely has a good outcome.  This is especially true in the business and investing world.  There are many pitfalls if one is not wise to the way things work.  Due diligence is all affairs is always recommended.

However, the foundation of all great success is the mindset.  Everything that occurs first evolves in the mental state.  Every invention or creation was at one time a thought in someone's head.  This is a key that most people miss.  Before anything can take place, it must first be thought about.  And, as we saw with projection, it takes no more effort to think big as compared to thinking small.  The power of the mind is incredible if you can just harness it.

So it is time to answer the question: what do you want from life?  Naturally, I am going to suggest you remove the cap from your mind.  Approach this with the mindset that all is possible.  Some will be tempted to settle by saying "I just want to be happy" or "I want to be able to pay my bills".  The problem with this is there is nothing exciting or compelling about these goals.  You want to be radical.  There was a time when nobody thought man could fly.  People use to read by candlelight.  Computers occupied entire floors of building at one time.  The mobile phone was something in a sci-fi program.  All these ideas are part of our present reality yet were ludicrous a few decades ago.

What is your big idea?  List all the things that you want in life and do not hold back.  Focus upon the experiences you desire such as traveling to exotic places or being in a romantic place with your special someone.  Consider great achievements that you want.  Look at how you can contribute to the world in a big way.  Get excited about the process because there is a lot more out there for you.

A mundane life is the result of mundane thinking.  Begin to change that today.

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