Motivated By Pain

There are times in life when things simply do not go our way.  This is true for every person walking the planet.  Even the most successful people suffer terrible setbacks in their pursuit of excellence.  The difference is that the top people do not succumb to those times in life when things turn awry.  Instead, they get into the battle while continuing to move forward.


Pain is the best motivator in the world.  Some of the greatest success stories occurred only after enough pain was ensured.  Most people need to reach the point where they will not take any more before they embrace change.  And it is often this change that enables one to break through. 

At the same time, pain is also something that can paralyze people.  Many endure a situation where something "bad" happens and stop all forward progress.  This is often accompanied by some form of depression which puts one in a state of paralysis.  People in this state often find it difficult to accomplish even the simplest of tasks.

Bottoming Out

Let us be clear: nobody likes emotional pain.  It sucks and is something we all seek to avoid.  Sadly, it is as much a part of life as oxygen is.  Without pain, we would not be alive.  It is a continual part of the human experience.  Therefore, we must not only accept it but use it to our advantage.

As mentioned, success is often a result of suffering an intolerable amount of pain.  Many call this the "bottoming out" process.  Before one will ensure the pain of changing, he or she must first find the pain of remaining the same too much to bear.  It is when the pain of changing is less than the status quo that advancement can be made.

People who recover from addictions know this story intimately.  Anyone who has overcome something of this nature did so only after reaching their bottom with the substance.  Before this point was reached, all efforts to take corrective action were useless.  Logic and mental stimulation were of no assistance.  It is only through the use of pain that one is able to reverse course and overcome addiction.

Never Again

To truly excel, a person needs to attain a state where he or she is so disgusted that change is the only solution.  Also, this pain should be encoded as a physiological level whereby the idea of going back is completely removed.  Sustained weight loss is a prime example.  "YoYo" dieters often achieve the first state where they are so disgusted they are willing to endure the pain of change.  However, as time passes, the pain diminishes.  This opens the door for poor behavior which ultimately leads one to regaining the weight.  Those who maintain the loss are those who do not forget what it was like.

Embracing pain seems counter intuitive to personal development yet it is a fundamental tool required for all success.  It is time you implemented some "never agains" in your life.  Look at those areas which you desire change.  List 3 or 4 things which you know you need to alter and figure out a way to get so disgusted with them that you have no choice but to take action.  This is the first step.  Then, ingrain in your psyche all you can to make sure you are aware of how you feel at that particular moment and do not forget it.  This will help to carry you through those times when bad habits creep in.  Continual forward progress is necessary.

Some of you might not have too far to look to get the motivation required.  Perhaps there was an external event in your life which really upset you.  Relish the pain that you are in and figure out how to allow it to carry you forward.  Pain is a sensational motivator when applied.  Do not let the pain of the circumstance get you down.  Instead, turn it into passion by allowing it to "light a fire" in your belly (or under your ass).  Focus upon the task in front of you and go after it with all the gusto of a person possessed.  When you achieve this state, there is nothing that can stop you.  This is how the greatest successes in the world are attained.  It is only a matter of turning that pain into something positive. 

Say to yourself, never again am I going to have my life be this way...and set out to change it.

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