The World Is My Oyster...

Have you ever given thought to all the opportunities there are in this world?  Today, there is more than one can accomplish than in any period in history.  While some will claim that life is tougher today than it was ________ (fill in the time period), the truth is that it is never easier.


In sports, people often talk about the potential of a particular athlete.  For example, in baseball, a prospect will have the potential to be a front line pitcher or a hitter the potential to be a "35 hr a year guy".  Basically, this means nothing more than this is a possible outcome for these individuals.  The actual result might vary and that is why it is called potential.  Without development, it is worthless.

The opportunities today are only potential scenarios for your life.  On their own, they are worthless.  People pass by opportunities each day usually because they are too busy focusing on what is wrong with them (or the world).  This creates a blind spot to the possibilities which are right in front of them.

Many have stated that knowledge is power.  The fact is that knowledge is not power but potential power.  It is possible that one will garner great results from the knowledge acquired.  However, there is an equal chance that this knowledge will be worth nothing.  The difference maker is whether the person uses the knowledge or not.  Those who apply it will see positive results if they stick with it.  That is what separates one who takes action from one who idly sits by.  Turning potential into results is where the focus needs to be.


Why is the world my oyster?  Simply because, as Mark Victor Hanson says, I have 360 degrees of possibilities.  I can take my life in any direction and there are enough people out there who are capable of assisting me along the way.  Success is not a secret.  Anything can be learned if one is willing to look.  Again, this never was so easy.

The Internet is a creation that enhances the lives of so many.  However, few of using it to its maximum potential since they spend hours a day on non-essential activities.  I read of people who spend 15 hours a day on Facebook.  To me at this crazy.  What does that accomplish?  Sure there is some pleasure derived but did it really move one's life forwards?  Not likely.  This is where the invention became more of an addition.

Those who understand that the web is the greatest research tool ever invented know that the possibilities in life jumped forward drastically.  You can learn about any topic with the click of a mouse.  There are thousands of websites dedicated to any subject, most of it free for your reading.  Research sites also exist which post there results for people to peruse.  This was not something that exists 25 years ago.

An example of this is the stock market.  I remember dealing with a guy who was an investor in a small town.  He subscribed to a service which allowed him access to real time quotes.  Without that, everything was delayed 15 minutes.  Today, you can go to a number of sites throughout the day and get real time quotes.  Simply open up an online account even if you do not fund it and you will gain access to this service.  Here is a knowledge base that was only for a certain few that is now available to anyone.  It is the great equalizer.

The question is what are you doing with these opportunities?  Are you enhancing your life through knowledge and them applying it for more power?  Or do you just surf for enjoyment while living your life like it is 1980?  I see people all the time whining about their plight in life yet so few want to do anything about it.  Do they realize there are opportunties everywhere?  Most likely not.  Instead they bask in the glory of their own misery.

Here is a suggestion for you.  Now I will admit that I have not done this myself but I have a feeling it will net you terrific results.  Open up a search engine and type in something to the effect "100 life improvement tips" or "ways to better your life" or "ways to success".  I am going to assert that anyone who does this will come up with hundreds of ways to make your life better.  A lot of web hits will be articles that are nothing more than lists of ways to become more successful or improve your life.  Jot a few down and start to apply them.  I will hypothesize that you will see results rather quickly.  This is how you take knowledge and turn it into power.  Do this now and let me know how it worked out.  

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