A Means To An End

Most people view their present situation as permanent.  The problem with this outlook is that little in life is constant.  Things that we think are "forever" are just momentary flashes in time.  A great deal of those events pass without much thought.  However, if we are aware, they can hold the key to our further advancement.


The simple fact is that every situation is a lesson which we can learn from.  We enter this planet screaming and kicking while often leaving exhibiting similar behavior.  In between, we need to learn all we can to deal with the world around us.  Sadly, many pass up the best opportunities that life has to offer.  Lessons are everywhere if one will just take the opportunity to learn.

Since situations are only temporary and each one offers lessons which can help us in the future, it is best to look at every event as a building block to a greater life.  As was mentioned, we enter the scene knowing absolutely nothing.  We encounter the world around us which offers guidance for further development.  Life has a way of offering up similar circumstances which allows us to show what we learned.  Unfortunately, we are also exposed if we did not the lesson previously.

Mistakes are our friend.  There is no knowledge gained from doing things perfectly.  Thomas Edison tried over 10,000 times to invent the electric light bulb.  While all of those attempts were failures, he garnered a great deal of intelligence which ultimately led to the breakthrough.  What in your life is offering you opportunities to learn which will be used for your breakthrough?  Pay closer attention to what occurs on a daily basis and you might uncover the answer to that question.

An example of how life offers us knowledge through our experiences is in the world of dating.  Think back to your "first love".  For most people, this occurred somewhere in the early teens.  At that time, what did you know about interpersonal relations with the opposite sex?  The answer is nothing.  However, if we fast forward a couple decades, the answer to that question is that you know a lot about relationships with the opposite sex (although I am sure there are still many of you who will answer "nothing").  To expect a person in his/her teens to have the wherewithal of someone who has been dating for a decade or more is unrealistic.  Life serves up the lessons and we learn them.

Means To An End

So, now we understand that life circumstances are pieces or building blocks in our lives.  This understanding will greatly help in appreciating those tings which go wrong.  The truth is that nobody enjoys pain but it is often a necessary component of life.  I found the more painful the situation, the more valuable the lesson.

However, there is another factor to consider.  Many people are unhappy about their present circumstances.  For whatever reason, they feel they are stuck in a situation which they cannot exit.  In fact, to go one step further, there are many times when one truly does have no choice but to remain exactly where he/she is.  This is a fact of life.  Often the door we are seeking is not open at that time and all that we can do is wait (and learn).

A prime example is the job people work in.  I read that up towards 80% of the population despises their job.  This is an astounding figure.  While there is no magic wand to change the professions people are engaged in, it is possible to change the viewpoint to make it easier to accept.  Now, I will admit there are some jobs that are downright awful.  There is nothing that can be done to make them better from an external source.  Jobs like these suck.  However, a person needs to look at it as a stepping stone.  Jobs, as most of us know, are temporary.  Many like to think they will work in it forever (if they like it) but the reality is that people switch jobs many times through their career.  Ultimately, that job is not the end.

And that is my main point.  Whatever you are dealing with at the present moment, just realize it is a means to an end.  If you can write out a list of goals for your life and work towards them, you will see how your present situation is just one stop along the way.  For example, if someone has the entrepreneurial spirit, he/she would understand that a job is nothing more than a means of financing oneself until the other project is self sustaining.  When this view is adopted, the daily grind is looked at not as the end but part of the process.  I think you will agree that it is a lot more palatable when structured in this light.

Remember this the next time you are tempted to let some life circumstance get you down.  No matter what you are dealing with I can guarantee you a few things.  First, it is most likely temporary.  Second, there is a lesson(s) in there for you to learn which can be valuable down the road.  Finally, whatever it is, this is nothing more than one piece that is your life and a means to the end which is your ultimate goals.

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