A few days ago I wrote a blog post titled "The World is My Oyster".  In it, I discussed a thing called opportunities.  Basically, those are situations which present themselves on a daily basis which we often overlook.  Sometimes the greatest fortune is right underneath our nose.  Being aware of what is offered to us on a daily basis is crucial.

Today I am going to cover something a bit more basic and, most likely, a predecessor to opportunity thinking.  The world is full of possibilities if we will only allow ourselves to embrace it.  However, most are conditioned to focus upon "reality".

Science Fiction

I will admit that I am not a huge science fiction fan.  Nevertheless, I do realize its importance in the world we live.  Star Trek, which evolved into multiple series and numerous films, is one of the most successful accomplishments in the Sci-Fi arena.  One of the interesting thing about the original show is that many of the "gadgets" used by the characters are now part of our daily lives.  While the writers/creators were delving into the world of fantasy, it was the pathway into what eventually became reality.

If you ponder all great technological or scientific accomplishments, you will realize they were nothing more than fiction 20 years prior to their development.  Flying was reserved for the birds before the Wright Brothers came along and changed how we travel.  Talking on a handheld wireless device was only done by Captain Kirk, not everyday people.  Computers occupied an entire room and cost millions of dollars before the invention of the personal computer. Everything was a dream before it became true.


Certainly the writers of Star Trek were not focused upon providing the scientific community with ideas for new inventions.  Their focus was on providing entertaining television which drew ratings.  However, because of the field they were in, their role was to consider all possibilities.  Their minds were not limited by reality.  Anything they could think of was apt to become a part of the show.  They were not worried about the practicality of going from the idea to reality.  It was simply written in and a set designer created the product.  The technology in between was not of importance.  Of course, years later, other people did uncover the technology needed to make these devices functional in the real world.

The point I am making is what are the possibilities for your life if you think like a Sci-Fi writer?  Once you remove the limitations which other people have erected for you, the possibilities are endless.  Goal setting experts tell people to remove the limitations of the mind when first starting a goal setting process.  Write everything down no matter how fat fetched.  Enter into a mental state of limitless where anything is applicable.  This is how we can uncover our truest of desires and dreams.

People have a rational side.  This is what prevents them from seeing the unlimited.  We are conditioned to "keep our feet on the ground".  Fortunately for us, people such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, and others did not subscribe to that theory.  Instead, they saw possible when others saw impossible. 

It Was Done

Am I telling you to go become the next great inventor?  Perhaps.  If you have some aptitude in this area, then by all means go and change the world.  However, for most people, their dreams were already accomplished by somebody.  This is a helpful point.  There path is already laid out.  Many have forged it and left instructions how to do it.  What do you desire?  Stock market success?  There are books on that.  A happy marriage?  A ton of information out there on how to accomplish that end.  Travel the world on very little money?  Numerous blogs exist covering this exact topic.  My point is whatever you desire most likely was accomplished.

If it was already done, what is holding you back?  Does your thinking enter into the picture and crush you dreams?  Do you think about something and say "but I could not do that".  This is what happens to many.  The fact is you can do most anything you desire.  Sure, being a concert pianist might be a stretch if you are not musically inclined.  Nevertheless, most things in life are learned skills through the use of practice.  If you simply apply the 10,000 hour rule you will excel.  And what is the 10,000 hour rule?  Basically it says that we require 10,000 hours of study/practice at something to become masters.  Professional athletes are examples.  They spend years honing their crafts.  The same is true in any field.  Whatever you want, dedicate every waking moment of free time to it and see where it takes you.  I am going to guess that you cannot help but to improve.

There is a basic question that is often asked: what would you do if you knew you could not fail?  Think about this for the next few days.  Consider the possibilities open to you with this outlook.  When you approach things from this perspective, the world truly is your oyster.  Determine what you want and go mine for it.  The riches, whatever they are, that you seek are out there waiting for you.

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