New Actions

Life is a contact sport. To achieve success, one must take action. Everything we do produces results. Some will say that some results are good while others are bad. I disagree with these judgments. Nature doesnt have good or bad. It simply has results. Now, when applying this to our lives, we do get results that are intended and some that are unintended.

If you are at the stage you do not like what is occurring in your life, it is safe to say that you have a lot of unintended results. What I mean by this is that the action you are presently taking is not creating the results that you desire. Therefore, it is paramount that you change the action you take on a daily basis if you want new results to arise.

Here is the catch: new actions create new results. It is that simple. Remember, everything we do produces a result. Anything different will create a different result in your life. Stack enough different actions and results and you will find that your life takes on a new direction. The downward spiral can be reversed and moved in an upward direction. This is done by rethinking the action that you take.

One caveat that I want to throw in is the idea that people fail to take action. Actually, when considered, failure to take action is actually taking an action. When one decides to not get off the couch and exercise, one is really deciding to sit and watch television. That action produces the result of flabbiness. If one wants a different outcome, exercising is the new action that needs to be taken.

Therefore, if you want to start changing your life today, begin by taking different action. This is the fastest way to set yourself on a new path. All the planning in the world will not alter anything if not followed up by action. It was your actions that created your present circumstances. Those same actions will make your future identical unless you opt to change. Begin that practice today.
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